Traveling Latin America

A WebQuest for 6th Grade (Social Studies & Language Arts)

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 You have been hired by the best travel agency to start designing vacations for Latin America. Your boss stresses the need for the trip to include different interests for adults as well as teens and kids. Your trip planning team will work on a particular country and will design travel brochures that will encourage more people to visit your country. You will also be responsible for make an example of a possible one-week vacation.


The Task


Your team will design a travel brochure and plan a one week trip that will bring more people to visit your topic country. You should create a name and a slogan for your agency that will support your agency and reflect your purpose as a travel agency. You will get to present your trip and brochure to the class. You will also be provided with materials to create “props” that represents your country and/or its culture.


Each group will consist of 3 people and each member will be the researcher and advocate for one of the following personalities:


The History Nut – This person is responsible for gathering information on things that would interest the historical tourists. Historical tourists like to learn about the culture and the country’s history and other interesting facts about the place they are staying at. They would like to see things that make this country special. Example of places/things to look for: historical sites, museums, ancient ruins or architecture, famous geographical sites, cultural festivals, etc.


The Adventurer – This person is responsible for gathering information on things that would interest tourists who like to try things new things and have a much fun as they possibly can. They are the thrill seeker and like to have a memorable time on their trip. Examples of places/things to look for: leisure, spectator, participatory sports, adventure or aquatic activities, restaurants, casinos, beaches, hotspots, etc.


The Planner – This person is responsible for gathering information on things that are important to know for a successful and stress-free trip. This is the information that the planning tourists are concerned with and will want to know. For example: currency needed and rate of exchange, transportations, language, hotel and/or bed and breakfast accommodations, climate and clothing need, local customs and laws, the dos and don’ts of the culture/country, etc.


The groups will also be allowed to pick which country they would like to work with from the following list:









* You will need to know the location of your country so you can identify it on a blank map of Latin America during your presentation.


You will be using the Internet resources provided to research your information.


The Process


  1. The students will be put in group of 3 in random and will be allowed to select the personality they would like to advocate for. They will also be allowed to choose a country that they will be working with.


  1. Each member of the group will research and fill in the information sheet on their personality. These questions will be individual for your own personality area. You should use this sheet to help guide you through your research. These will be collected at the end of class to check your individual progress.


  1. After each member has gathered their information, they will meet with their group members to design their brochure and trip.


a. Brochure will include


  • A cover that provides the following information: country, agency’s name, slogan, and an illustration.
  • Name and location of the country
  • Description of the area (people, culture, geography)
  • Info for the “planner” (must know info)
  • Info for the “history nut” (places to go, things to see)
  • Info for the “adventurer” (places to go, things to do)
  • Costs of airfare, car rental, hotel, and approximate meal cost)


            b. Trip will include


  • Week plan of things to do that will keep their week full and exciting. Make sure not to over plan and allow for free time and rest. This will be brief, but organized.


  • This trip should cover all three personalities. Please try to find out the approximate cost of each activity, if possible.


Website to gather information: (guides to every country around Latin America) (Link on side bar for English) (Search Engine for Vacations) (virtual library: Latin America) (World Communities) (CIA Fact Book) (Global Currency Converter)


Search Engines:






  1. Each group will create an agency name and slogan for their  

    company. You will also be able to create props for your

    presentation that represents your country.


  1. Each group will give a presentation about their country and

    tell us why the audience should go to their country and tell us

    about what they found. The presentation should include

    information from the “history nut” perspective, the

    “adventurer” perspective and the “planner” perspective.

      Every group member should participate.



Students will be graded individually on performance and as a group as shown below.

Possible Points Total (100 points total + 25 bonus)

Beginning Level = 10 points

Developing Level = 15 points

Accomplished Level= 20 points

Exemplary Level = 20 points + 5 bonus points



10 points


15 points


20 points


20 + 5 points




Students will complete research on their personality topic and provide information for presentation. 

The student provided minimal information to use in the presentation.


The student provided good information, but failed to provide the need to know information.

The student provided good information and details for the presentation.

The student provided the information required and also added in other information they found that was useful for the presentation




Students will actively participate in their group. 


The student sat back quietly during group work and did not express their ideas or offer any help.

The student helped with the project, but did not volunteer their information/help without being asked by team mates. Participation was minimal.

The student was helpful and provided their services. They volunteered instead of waiting for a job to be assigned to them by others.

The student took initiative and worked diligently to help their group. They helped keep the team on task and provided creative/useful ideas.




The student will participate during the presentation.



The student did not present during the group participation and did not do much if any speaking.

The student presented a little bit but their knowledge of their topic was limited.


The student presented their information and could clearly explain/describe their information to the audience.

The student not only presented their information clearly, but also could add on to other aspects of the presentation.




The group will work together and avoid confrontations and keep on task. They also used information from all 3 perspectives in their presentation 

The group does not stay on task and are arguing frequently.

Activities were presented for 1 perspective.

The group is staying on task for the most part, but is unorganized regarding duties and materials.

Activities were presented for 2 perspectives.

The group is on task and works well together and they stay on task. Activities were presented for all 3 perspectives.

The group works very well together. Everyone is actively participating and they are on task. They are organized and the team helps each other to complete the assignment. Activities were presented for all 3 perspectives.




The group will be creative when they present their project

The group presented some information, but did not complete their work and did not use props at all. Lacks creativity.

The group presented their information, but did not use props or did not take their time to be creative.

The group presented their information and created props that were creative. They did what was required on the travel brochure.

The group presented their information and created neat and creative props. They went above and beyond on their props. Was well executed.




Not only will this project be fun and exciting, but you will learn how conduct research on the Internet, work with a group, and gain the valuable experience of presenting in front of your class. Congratulations on all of your hard work. We will all be so excited to see what you will come up with!


Credits & References (Original Concept) (guides to every country around Latin America) (Link on side bar for English) (Search Engine for Vacations) (virtual library: Latin America) (World Communities) (CIA Fact Book) (Global Currency Converter)





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