Treetop-Acres Bonet's BeBe's

SS:   +B JLS-GREENWOOD-ACRES Chestnut   AB0822643P
                                                       1994 National Oberhasli Premier of Sire
SIRE: ++*B TREETOP-ACRES  M&M's Legend       AB0895414
                        Sire of 2002 Senior National Oberhasli Champion
                   1994 Sire of Jr. National Oberhasli Champion
SD:  GCH TREETOP-ACRES Reese's M&M        AB0792697
                    1994 National Oberhasli Produce of Dam                                                   

CH TREETOP-ACRES Bonet's BeBe's                      AB1108339
       2nd Place/1st Udder yearling  2000 Nationals
                                                            2002 Senior National Oberhasli Champion
                                                            2002 Oberhasli Best Udder of Breed

DS:  ++*B TREETOP-ACRES M&M'S Legend     AB0895414
                                         Son of 1994 Senior National Oberhasli Champion
DAM: CH TREETOP-ACRES Bonet                          AB1034853
6TH Place 3 Yr old  2000 Nationals   2*M                            
                              6 th Place 5 year old  2002 Nationals