Permanent Champions
A new beginning?? Yes and no. After being absent from the Goat world for approximately 18 months, we have decided to re-purchase the final twin yearlings of GCH Treetop-Acres Motivation (Half-Pint), daughter of GCH Treetop-Acres Mocha 1994 Oberhasli National Champion. Though we loved all of Mocha's daughters, this was the firstborn and we grew to love her very much, she passed away this last spring. There is quite a long story that follows Half Pint, but we will spare you. We hope you will enjoy our Photo Gallery of Treetop-Acres past and present champions. Thanks for visiting with us. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time.
GCH Treetop-Acres Mocha
1994 Senior National Champion
GCH Treetop-Acres Gingersnap
2002 Sr. Nat'l Champion
GCH Treetop-Acres Myricka
GCH Treetop-Acres Bonet
is the Dam of the the above 2002
National Champion
CH Will-Mar Hill's Vida
Our very first
foundation doe.
CH Treetop-Acres Victoria

CH Treetop-Acres Shoni
CH Treetop-Acres Eneece
CH Treetop-Acres Shadow
Pictures are not available.