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Rajgad Torna Trek (राजगड तोरणा ट्रेक)


Torna from Rajgad

Difficulty Level
(very easy, easy, medium, slightly tough, tough)

(Caution: The rock patches here are really frightening and dangerous. Some rock climbing is required. Recommended only for experienced trekkers.)

Duration of the trek

2 days

When to visit

Sept to March

Nearest City / Location

Pune, Nasarapur (नसरापूर), Bhor (भोर), Velhe (वेल्हे)

Base Village

Gunjavne (गुंजवणे) at one side, Vajeghar (वाजेघर) at second side of Rajgad.
Velhe (वेल्हे) at other side of Torna

Deeply hidden Alu Darwaja (अळू दरवाजा)  of Rajgad

Rajgad To Torna Ridge (डोंगराची सोंड)

A small hut at 50% of the walk

  1. Reach and stay at Rajgad Reach Rajgad by Chor darwaja from Gunjavne village. Stay at Padmavati temple or Paryatak Nivas on the top (refer to Rajgad for details)

  2. Rajgad to Torna Start trekking next day early morning. Get down from Rajgad from Alu darwaja (अळू दरवाजा) of Sanjivani Machi and start walking towards Torna. Remember that the door on the Machi opens at the opposite side of the Torna fort and takes a U turn later. The walk takes about 5-6 hours to reach the base of Torna. Path goes from the top of more than 20 hills along the ridge (डोंगराची सोंड) between Rajgad and Torna. You will reach a small hut at 50% of the walk.

  3. Climbing Torna This is toughest part of the trek. There are three rock patches first is about 60% steep with loose sand. Second is about 80% steep. After this you enter the fort. This is Budhala Machi (बुधला माची) of Torna.

  4. Budhla Machi (बुधला माची) Rock patch here huge horizontal third rock patch is to be crossed which is quite frightening. Both side you can see steep edges and valleys below. The rocks are really narrow and dangerous. This takes you to the Balekilla (बालेकिल्ला) of Torna.

  5. Getting down Torna to Velhe Get down Torna from Velhe Darwaja, which takes about 2 hours. Here also the path is really steep but there are steps and you can get down while sitting on the steps.

Refer to Rajgad for details

Rajgad Torna Walk

Budhala machi (बुधला माची) of Torna

  1. Rajgad to Torna route is really unique passing through the hills connecting Rajgad to Torna. The hills have forests, meadows and loose sand. These hills are quite interestingly connected to each other.

  2. The view of Torna and Rajgad both are amazing and quite photogenic.

  3. Palkhind (पालखिंड), which is at 50% of the walk, is the way by which Shivaji had gone to Surat. His famous soldier Yesaji Kank (येसाजी कंक) used to live in a village near this.

  4. Budhla Machi (बुधला माची) - The rock patches on Budhala Machi are really amazing and frightening. Connecting path fro Budhala Machi to Balekilla of Torna is quite tough. Fortification of Budhala Machi can be actually seen from Rajgad-Torna route only.

  5. Note - You can also visit various places on Rajgad and Torna but be careful you spare enough energy for the real walk.

  6. Fort Rajgad

  7. Fort Torna

First rock patch of Budhala machi

Second rock patch of Budhala machi
We do not have photos of third rock patch

Rajgad from Torna

Refer to Torna for details

Refer to Rajgad and Torna for details.

Time to climb
  • 2 and hours via Gunjavne. 3 hours via Vajeghar to Rajgad.
  • 1 hour to reach Sanjivani Machi from the place of stay
  • 4-5 hours walk on the hills to reach the base of Torna
  • 1 hour to reach Balekilla from the base of Torna via Budhala Machi.
  • 2 hours to get down from Torna to Velhe.
Food Available in Gunjavne, Vajeghar and Velhe villages. You can order food on the fort Rajgad. Villagers bring proper lunch or dinner up on the fort in nominal charges as compared to the efforts. No food on Torna.
Drinkable Water Rajgad available on Padmavati Machi
Rajgad to Torna Walk buttermilk might be available in a village on the way but no for sure.
Torna Available on Balekilla in two water tanks. No water on Badhala Machi.
Shelter Night stay can be made in Saswad or Sonori village. Not possible on the fort.


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