Berkelah Waterfalls Trek

Some 50km out of Kuantan is the Berkelah Falls located in the Berkelah Forest Reserve area. Berkelah Falls is a beautiful series of eight cascades with the highest & biggest at about 100m in height.

From the main road it requires a 8km trek or a 2 hour walk to reach the falls. The whole hill is actually one huge granite block with the river cutting through the stone hill. At the end of the hike is the first campsite in the woods where there's a magnificent looking twin-falls of about 30 meters tall. Higher up are more falls and there is one with a deep pool below which is popular as a "diving platform". At the bottom of the main fall is a refreshing bigger-than-Olympic-size pool which awaits the visitors. There will be lots of opportunities to indulge in natural jacuzzi and hydrotheraphy.

Berkelah Falls is one of the most popular weekend treks for young adventurous Singaporeans. Those who were members of outdoor clubs and youth groups would probably have visited them during their schools days. For those of us who are 'deprived' of this opportunity, this is our chance ... !

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Duration : 2 days 2 nights

Maximum Altitude : ?

Group Size : minimum 8 persons

Price : $ 130 ( 24 - 27 persons )
  $ 140 ( 18 - 23 persons )
  $ 150 ( 8 - 17 persons )
Trek leaders, private charter transport, group camping equipment, & meals including restaurant lunch

Grading :

Next Departures:  
18 - 20 Mar 2005
20 - 22 May 2005
22 - 24 Jul 2005
14 - 16 Oct 2005


Day 0 / Fri
Meet at Marsiling MRT at 10pm and depart for Malaysia by private charter transport.
Day 1 / Sat
Arriving early, we shall have breakfast at local coffeeshop and then trek in to the falls from the main road. After setting camp, we hike up the waterfall stream to the 100m-high main fall where there's a big deep pool which is great for swims. For the daring, they can show off their platform diving skills at one of the deep pools along the way. Return to camp for dinner. ( B/L/D )
Day 2 / Sun
After camp breakfast, trek out to meet our waiting transport. Restaurant lunch in Gambang town before heading back home. Back at Marsiling MRT station in the evening around 7pm. ( B/L )

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The climate is tropically humid and a trek in such condition can be physically draining. Everyone needs to be prepared for bad weather with basic waterproofing gear such as ponchos and rain-coats ( even umbrellas in camp is helpful ...! ). Waterproofing for your backpack is a must during the rainy season.

The river stream trail and slick rock paths can be very slippery even during dry weather. When rainy, the terrain can be treacherous. It is important to wear a good pair of walking shoes.

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