Gunung Stong & Waterfall Trek

Gunung ( Mount ) Stong is located in Dabong Forest Reserve in the northern Malayasian state of Kelantan. This area offers some pristine forest and interesting but elusive wildlife such as elephants. Gunung Stong ( 1433 metres ) and her seven waterfalls was ranked 5th out of a list of 10 special places for eco-tourism in Malaysia. With a drop of 305 meters, the Jelawang Fall is possibly the highest waterfall drop in South East Asia.

Our Stong trek starts with a heart-pumping, literally speaking, climb up to Jelawang Fall from the base. Base-camp is set at the top of the Jelawang Fall. For water babes, the main highlight would undoubtedly be the numerous mini-falls further up above where one can have a splashing good time in the gushing cold waters of the rock pools. What a rejuvenation after a long hard trek !

For the fit and adventurous, nothing but a challenging trek all the way to the summit of Gunung Stong will do. At the end of the day, there's nothing like camp cooking to bring out the best in team cooperation and spirit in all the participants. For those looking for an idyll time, one could just sit by the edge at the top of the falls - less than 2 meters besides the sheer cliff three hundreds metres high - and dream the world away! Try not to fall off though !!

For the uninitiated, physical and mental fitness is necessary, especially those who aim to reach the summit. Take the challenge and try beating our Stong 3 summiters' record return time of 3 hours !

To all budding outdoor enthusiasts who have erstwhile dream of a great getaway adventure at a magnificent waterfall, do take this opportunity to join our Gunung Stong & Waterfall Adventure.


  • Beautiful sunrise over top of Jelawang Fall if good weather holds.
  • Great dips & hydrotherapy session in the waterfall pools & cascades of Jelawang Falls
  • Great feeling of a pulsating return trek to Gunung Stong summit

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Duration : 3 days 3 nights

Maximum Altitude: 1433-m Gunung Stong

Group Size : min 12 persons
Price : $ 215 ( 23 persons & more )
  $ 230 ( 17 - 22 persons )
  $ 245 ( 12 - 16 persons )
Trek leaders, local guide, 2N train ride in sleeper berths, local transfers to / back from trailhead via bus/vans & boat, group camping equipment, and all meals

Grading :

Next Departures:  
24 - 27 Mar 2005
16 - 19 Jun 2005
25 - 28 Aug 2005
31 Oct - 3 Nov 2005

Day 0 / Thu
Depart Singapore ( Tanjong Pagar Railway Station ) - Dabong ( Kelantan ) at about 8pm. Overnight onboard the train on sleeper berths.
Day 1 / Fri Dabong - Jelawang Falls. River crossing by boat, transfer to the trailhead at Stong Resort & trek up the waterfall - a uphill trek of about 2 hours. ( B/L/D )
Day 2 / Sat Catch the beautiful sunrise. Waterfall trek up to the 2nd and 3rd waterfalls while the adventurous ones will head uphill for a challenging trek up to Gunung Stong summit. Descend Dabong for dinner before taking night train back. ( B/L/D )
Day 3 / Sun Back in Singapore ( Tanjong Pagar Railway Station ) at around 10am.

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The climate is tropically humid and a trek in such condition is physically draining. The night at the Jelawang base camp at the top of the 300m fall can be chilly in the early morning just before dawn. Everyone needs to be prepared for bad weather with basic waterproofing gear (ponchos, rain-coats, even umbrellas are helpful ...!). Waterproofing for your backpack is a must.

The trek up to base camp ( with a full backpack ) is steep and unrelentless on well-trodden jungle steps and trails which occasionally give way to smooth mud paths. These paths can be very slippery when it rains. Having a pair of good hiking boots will make a lot of difference and gives you better grip on muddy grounds. A walking stick is especially useful in such conditions. The summit day trek is fast but on equally steep grounds so good endurance & fitness is a prerequisite for aspiring peak baggers.

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