(bass guitar)
Adam, Live March 2004
picture by Valerie

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Adam Hamilton and Trevor Guns, July 2005 & October 2006.
Adam  Hamilton plays bass in the LA Guns.  He is a talented songwriter and musician and can play drums, guitar, and keyboards as well.  He was born in Shreveport, LA on November 11, 1969.  In the early 1990's Adam played drums in CC Deville's band after CC had left Poison.  He also played drums with Joey C. Jones & The Glory Hounds (and is featured on their 1993 self-titled album).  He also worked (with some of the members of the Glory Hounds) in the band Needle Park.  Adam went on to play drums Gods Child in 1996.  He also played drums on the Brian Jonestown Massacre's 1997 album.  Gods Child changed their name to Joe 90 in the late 1990's (and Adam is featured on their album as well).  Every song off Joe 90's Dream This album was licensed to one or more TV shows or movies (which is supposedly only the second album in history to do this).  Adam was also in a band called No. 9 with Kenny Kweens from the Beautiful Creatures.   

LA Guns hired Adam in late 2001 after Muddy left the band to join Col. Parker.  Muddy recommended Adam when he left LA Guns (Muddy actually had engineered the BJM album that Adam played on in 1997 so they were friends).  Adam played bass with LA Guns in early 2002 on the second wing of the tour in support of Man in the Moon.  Adam co-wrote many of the songs on Waking the Dead in 2002 and played bass and keyboards on the album (and has also co-write and played on LA Guns' latest three albums as well).  He toured with the band throughout 2002 and 2003 in support of Waking the Dead.  In the summer of 2002, Adam filled in for (drummer Mick Brown) Dokken for one or two shows while LA Guns and Dokken were touring together.  In 2002, Adam played guitar and drums in the infancy stage of Brides of Destruction with Tracii and Nikki Sixx (when they were still called Cockstar).  Adam did not become a member of the band, as he stayed with LA Guns.  He has now been in LA Guns for over four years.   

Adam has also worked with Counting Crows, Rust Epique of the band Crazytown, Juliette Lewis, Ian Astbury of The Cult, Donovan, Great White, Billy Sheehan, Phil Campbell of Motorhead, Billy Idol, Meatloaf, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Jude (the singer), Blues Saraceno, The Liquid Wheels, Jennifer Stills (daughter of Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young?s Stephen Stills), and Steven Adler of Guns N' Roses.   

Adam is featured on the following LA Guns releases: Waking the Dead (2002), Fully Loaded (2003, compilation featuring 6 songs from WTD), LA Guns Rips the Covers Off (2004), Tales from the Strip (2005), Loud & Dangerous (2006).    He is also featured on Joey C. Jones & the Glory Hounds (self-titled 1993), Joe 90's Dream This (1999) & A Raccoon's Lunch (rarities compilation 1999/2000), Brian Jonestown Massacre's Give it Back! (1997), & Needle Park's C'mon Get Real (2002). 

Adam has had solo songs featured in the movies Breaking Up (1997), Urban Legend (1998), Pushing Tin (1999), What Lies Beneath, One, & Girlfight (2000), Layover (2001), The Bourne Identity (2002), & Melinda and Melinda (2005).  Joe 90 (featuring Adam) has had songs appear in the movies Body Shots (1999), Boys and Girls (2000), and Urban Legend.  Adam has done score music (with collaborator Craig Bradford) for the documentary Chasing the Horizon (2006) as well as another documentary called The Fire Within (2003/2004).  Adam wrote and performed a bulk of the songs (9 songs by Adam) featured on the Xbox video game Defender (2002).  Both Adam and Joe 90 have had songs featured in many various television shows and a commercial as well.  Sadly, none of Adam's solo work is available commercially on any soundtrack album, but it does show you how diverse and successful Adam's musical career has become.
Adam Hamilton, Live 2005 & 2006
photos by Trevor Guns
Adam fucking REPRESENTING with a phat
"hollywood vampires" sticker on his bass
(ha ha, bet you didn't notice that shit!). 
By the way, this picture was taken from LAGuns.net