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LA Guns
LA Guns 1985
LA Guns 2004
LA Guns B: Jeremy, Tracii, Paul, Nickey
LA Guns A: Steve, Adam, Phil, Stacey
Welcome to Trevor Guns' LA Guns extravaganza website.  Here, you will find excellent comprehensive information on LA Guns, along with information on all of the band's members (past and present), as well as information on the Brides of Destruction.

This is where it gets confusing.  Remember RATT, and how in 2000 there were two bands that were called "RATT" touring the States.  Stephen Pearcy had left RATT then formed his own RATT.  Stephen, even though he formed the original band, was taken to court and told he could not use the name.  We all though it was kinda dumb.

And even Jefferson Airplane... If I remember correctly, Jefferson Airplane changed their name to Jefferson Starship after a few member changes and at least a decade or two.  Then simply to Starship.  Well, by the time they were Starship, there were no longer any original members.  When the original members reunited as Jefferson Airplane, things got weird.

And now there's Faster Pussycat.  Brent Muscat owns the band name, Taime Downe has used the name now for years, but both guys magically have a band with the same name.  Heck,  I didn't even know Brent left Taime's band!

LA Guns... the reason you're here.  Let me tell you that there are two LA Guns bands as well.  One featuring LA Guns founder, guitarist Tracii Guns... and the other featuring singer Phil Lewis (the undisputed "voice" of the LA Guns).

For those of you who don't know, LA Guns #1 consists of
singer Phil Lewis, drummer Steve Rileyguitarist Stacey Blades, and bass player Scott Griffin.  They have a new, live record coming out this summer called "Loud & Dangerous" (Shrapnel).

Tracii was in that same band from 1983 to 2002, and left to form the band
Brides of Destruction. He has since formed LA Guns #2 (in early 2006) with singer Paul Black .  This band has been on tour throughout 2006, originally touring under Tracii's name.  The band also features bass player Jeremy Guns and drummer Chad Stewart.  They plan to release a live album this year.


All of the information on this website was written by me, Trevor Johnsen, after many hours of research.  I initially started in 2001, and I have been updating and editing the information ever since.  The information was taken from various sources (mostly online) including the past and present members of the band.

If you have any questions or comments about this website (or information to add), please e-mail me at and thanks for stopping by!

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