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My name is Trevor Silcox better known as Tippa or Tippacanoe

Me Trevor 'Tippacanoe' Silcox   alison

This is me(above left) and to the right is Alison, 'Wally' to her friends, here Wally is getting ready for practice in preparation for the Bowhunt walk through. Jeff Grey (one of our many traders) is retrieving arrows and scoring targets in the background.

1994 Primitive groupThis group photo is from the Sept 1993 Primitive Rendezvous held at Dead Horse gully Taminick.

34 adults 6 kids 2 horses and a mule, a fine turn up!

These are some of the things that we get up to at Rendezvous.
Firing one of the Cohorn Mortar's

Sometimes our little group puts on a public display of an Australian colonial period, the show often involves some of the frolicks of that period in time, such as cops and robbers 1880's style! Bradley Ledingham (the one kneeling) has an original leg brace (ball and chain 25lbs) fitted, it wasn't until he jumped off the bridge behind while trying to escape that we realised that Brad is only 5ft 9, the water was about 10 feet deep, no matter he walked out of it! and the crowd loved it, one older lady (in the crowd) even whacked Brad with her umbrella as he ran past, to try to stop him getting away! (talk about audience participation).

We are (from the Left) Graham Winkler, Brad Ledingham (kneeling), John Haskell, Myself and Shane Nedeljkovic.

The Sanders


Left: This is Barb Sanders telling Hubby Geoff that he needs a wash (But it's ONLY been a week Barb!) and (Right) Barb taking a shot with the bow in the bowhunt walk through, the targets were easy to see, but hitting them from the precarious shooting positions made it far more difficult and much more fun!

The Line up for one of the 50 yard events

Line up for the 50 yard event  The result of the first volley

The Line up for the 50 yard event (left) and the result of the first volley (right) with the smoke and smell everywhere, we have had as many as 96 shooters in one event (you will appreciate the time it takes to score such an event) 10 shots to score per shooter in this one!

Tony McCready (aka  Sleeping Owl......or Budda) at left is Dressed in a Ballerat Rangers uniform of 1862, at one of the Annual Volunteer Military Encampment Weekends held at the North East Muzzle Loading range here at Taminick.

Tony (right) as he is usually dresses, has been our Military dinner cook for the past 10 years, preparing 3 course, dine in, served meals, for the annual Military dinner that we hold in a giant marquee, seating and serving is for upwards of 100 people, Congratulations Tony, it has always been an even worth attending and the meals are as good if not better than those served at most restaurants (and he does all the cooking with original wood fired stoves and in the traditional manner), the firearm he is holding is his favouite, a Charleville .69cal.

tony   Tony2
E-Mail Tony
Left: The cannon Tony is guarding is a 2.5 inch bore mountain howitzer, it belongs to the North East Military Reenactment group and is of the 1880's style from there 'A Battery unit' which depicts Australia's Victorian Volunteer Artillery.

WinklerGraham Winkler firing off a shot at one of the many gong's, this one was on the side of the hill at 325 yards and is about 4 feet in diameter, and YES he hit it! using a .69cal smoothbore flintlock Charleville.

We don't need no stinkin scratches in the barrel to shoot straight, they only collects the dam dirt!

Relaxing between shoots
The Nedeljkovics, Haskells and Derrick
Nikki, Karen, Haskell, Derick, Shane(the little bloke) with Lynda Haskell hiding behind John Haskell.

Haskell, Ready for the next shoot  Lauris Framano

John Haskell in front of his camp, ready for the next shoot and (right) Lauris Fraumano enjoying a break from scoring targets and taking the time to have a chat with friends, the view behind Lauris is of the North East Muzzle Loading range, you can just see the loading shed above the white wall tent.

Here are a few of our other members posing for a pic on the Range at Taminick for the North East Muzzle Loading clubs September Turkey shoot Rendezvous 1991.

The terrible trio!

Don, Haskel and winklerDon Campbell, John Haskell and Graham Winkler.

Don, winkler and Myself(in a breach cloutPosing in front of my 15 ft Tipi are Don, Winkler and yours truly in a breach clout, the view behind is looking up the Gully known as 'Dead Horse'. Which by the way, is it's real name. It became known as this because of the fact that in the pioneer days (here in Australia) this area was used by the local residents to dump the carcases of there dead horses etc.

Brad 'Maguar' Brad Aitken dressed as a Stockbridge Indian affectionately known as 'Maguar' (from the movie last of the mochicans!) here Brad is going through the running boar shoot we held at the Primitive, he hit the boar at 20 yards in the head, with an Indianised .75cal brown bess and knocked it clean off it's rails (things came to a halt until we had repaired the boar target).

Richard and the DonkeyThis is Richard Snape and his pack Mule(jenny).
Shown in the background are one of the many traders blankets we often have at Rendezvous.

The Bowhunt

The Bowhunt (part of our Primitive Rendezvous walkthrough) is another facit that most of our members found fitted in naturally with the Primitive Rendezvous Interest.

Richard taking the shot while others look on   Gregg Meyland on the shooting stand

Left: Here Richard (who eventually won the mens event) is taking his shot with a few of the other participants looking on and Gregg Meyland (right) from the same position.

Alison1Here Alison ('Wally') takes her shot, 'Nope she missed it first time, but don't let her have two shots, almost center second time!'.

Note: we allow stick and recurve bows to be used at the primitive, but nothing with wheels or sights.

Don Campbell

Don Campbell (one of the original Primitives) dressed as a Fur trapper and firing his .69cal Charleville Flintlock Musket. He was also shooting at the Long Gong , But no such luck, three shots three misses (sights must be out huh!)

Don (who likes to change clothes often) here he is dressed as a Pioneer come Naval Bosun is in the process of reloading the Charleville with 'Smudge' in the background (he got that name because he has the bad habit of being able to put out a dam good fire anytime, anywhere, at anyones camp)' he's trying to keep up to Don's score and keep the loading flask he wagered on the shoot, He didn't and it's gone.

Note: all loading for the Primitive rendezvous is done from the body, no accessories are allowed!

Click Calender link (on Left) for some of Australia's Rendezvous Events for the year with contact names and Phone numbers or addresses.

Note: NEML stands for North East Muzzle Loading and Colonial Firearms Club.

Trevor 'Tippacanoe' Silcox

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