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Who is Vinnie?

Vinnie Santana, 24y.o, was diagnosed with diabetes Type 1 in March 2000. He has been proving that positive attitude towards the disease, can only add mental strength when racing, and training. Challenges in sports are now much easier to be overcome.

With an Ironman PB of 8h50´ and several podiums as a professional athlete, Vinnie believes that Diabetes has developed an extreme feel in between his body and mind, as diabetics needs special attention for every activity, type/amount of food and even mood can have big impact in blood glucose management. That happened to be a powerful weapon in Long Distance triathlons, when racers really need to be in synchrony with their bodies to properly know when to push, rest, eat, drink...

  " IRONMAN HAWAII - Magical Day!(18/10/2007)''

Dreams become true, really, they do. When I started in triathlons about 10 years ago, I´ve always wanted to race in the Hawaii Ironman, maybe it was a kid day dreaming, but this kid worked very very hard for 10 years, and on October 13th, at 6h45am the canon went off, I was the youngest pro in the field, I was racing not only against world´s fittest athletes, but also I felt the energy of all those years of Ironman Hawaii on that Island, all those Iron Legends Mark Allen, Dave Scott, etc, were racing with me, KONA has something different in the air, that´s for sure.

The race went smoothly, it was the best race execution I had in my life, well, I had to, as I got in the race much unfitter that expected, as after Ironman Korea late in August, I could never get into hard training routine again, but I didn´t care about the finish time (9h52), and got 59th elite, a bit far off my goal of Top30 and Sub9h, but to tell the truth I didn´t even used a watch nor took one single split, all I wanted to do in this race was to enjoy every single moment of the day, and I did, it was probably the most special day in my life.

Now I´m back in Thailand, I will have some time off and re-evaluate my next goals, getting to visit Singapore, Hawaii, Thailand and Taiwan has really changed my mind. Also, I´m happy to have joined IRONGUIDES coaching website, www.ironguides.net I´ve been working as an online triathlon coach for a few years, I've worked with first timers, Ironman newbies and also Age Group Winners and Kona qualifiers, it's a great job, you can really see how the psychological aspect of a person defines the way training is faced, I learn a lot with every single athlete, its a great exchange of ideas and life experiences and how that can affect the way you face tri-training.



PS: Couldn´t forget to congratulate my housemate Chrissie for her WIN in Hawaii, was cool to see a world champion being made daily.
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  " Asia, Thailand, Korea and Team TBB (28/08/2007)''

I´m sitting in a computer in a small town in Thailand called Borsaen right now, this is kinda of a blog, my webmaster got a new demanding job so I´m using my own PC skills to update this website, we see how this goes.

Back in May I had a great race in Ironman Brazil, set a new PB (8h50), and qualified to race Ironman Hawaii as a PRO. In June I got an invitation from a Professional Triathlon Team based in Asia called TBB (www.teamtbb.com), I came to Asia, met some great athletes and and raced here, Ironman Korea was a big learning experience, just not as big on how much every person in TeamTBB has taught me, be it the youngest athlete or the managers ad team staff, it's a great exchange of cultures and ideas..

Now I´m looking forward to an awesome race in KONA, HAWAII, I don´t really expect much, but to have fun there and learn with the best, ride the course and maybe be a real factor one day in few years.


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  " ALOHA!!! Vinnie Santana qualifyed to race as Professional at the Ironman World Triathlon Championships (28/05/2007)''

THe lifetime dream is about to happen! With a 8th place at the 2007 Ironman Brazil, VInnie Santana got the slot to race at the Ironman World Triathlon Championships, on the 13th of October in Hawaii. This is definitely the biggest and most important triathlon race in the world, and a 23 year old, with Type one diabetes has overcome every single challenge to achieve his lifetime goal!

Official Results:
1 Oscar Galindez (ARG) 8h21min11seg
2 Reinaldo Colucci (BRA) 8h29min12seg
3 Eduardo Sturla (ARG) 8h29min27seg
4 Sabastian Pedraza (ITA) 8h33min18seg
5 Stephen Bayliss (GBR) 8h37min07seg
6 Petr vabrousek (CZE) 8h40min45seg
7 Olaf Sabatschus (ALE) 8h42min06seg
8 Vinícius Dias Santana (BRA) 8h50min43seg
9 Ricardo Cardeno (COL) 8h56min05seg
10 José Luís Villanueva (ESP) 8h59min12seg

  "First Professional Win: "Cabra da Peste" Iron Distance Triathlon (24/09/2006)''

Date: September 23rd
Fortaleza - CE - Brazil
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  "Vinnie Santana goes sub 9h, 10th overall - Ironman Brazil 2006! (29/05/2006)''
Brazilian Ironman Triathlete Vinnie Santana, 22y.o, has joined the sub 9 hours club last Sunday, 28th of May, when he finished the BrasilTelecom Ironman Triathlon in 8h52´ placing 10th overall for the second year in a row.
Overall Results: www.ironmanbrasil.com.br
1º Oscar Galindez (ARG) 8h 15min 18s
2º Luke Bell (AUS) 8h 15min 47s
3º Olaf Sabatschus (ALE) 8h 25min 28s
4º Stephen Bayliss (ING) 8h 35min 00s
5º Gordo Byrn (CAN) 8h 36min 53s
6º Fábio Carvalho (BRA) 8h 38min 41s
7º Eduardo Sturla (ARG) 8h 39min 06s
8º Ivan Albano (BRA) 8h 45min 00s
9º Sebastian Pedraza (ITA) 8h 45min 45s
10º Vinícius Santana (BRA) 8h 52min 28s
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