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May 24, 1996

From about 1 to 3 a.m. this morning I heard Dr. William Pierce speak on Art Bell's radio talk show.

Afraid to allow Dr. Pierce to speak freely, Bell kept Pierce on a tight rein by asking Pierce rapid fire questions and frequently interrupting Dr. Pierce before Pierce could finish answering, especially when Pierce's points were too enlightening to allow the audience to continue hearing them.

This is the usual technique our Exploiters' "professional" propagandists use against guests who are regarded as the "enemy". Have you noticed how much more friendly their attitudes and tone are when they interview guests they regard as "friends" (homosexuals, Negroes, Israelis, Democrats, Judeo-Marxists or "commie-liberals", etc. - I used the term "commie-liberal" on the air long before Rush Limbaugh)? Does the media have to determine not just what you think, but also what you FEEL about issues?

Dr. Pierce manifested the dignity, confidence, wisdom and authority of a natural leader, which has a calming effect even on our Exploiter's attack dogs (like Art Bell, Katie Curick, Cokie Roberts - it is harder to hit back at a lady!). Even when confronted by a madman like Bell, Pierce remained emotionally stable, and gracefully and respectfully gave remarkably honest, brief, to the point, extremely informative, persuasive, rational and intelligent answers , as is to be expected of an Aryan whose soul has not been mangled by the Judeo-christian-muslim-Marxist religion.

After the interview Bell said he had planned the interview like a trial lawyer's cross examination, and complained that Dr. Pierce had bowed out before Bell could destroy Pierce's credibility..

When Bell asked Pierce why a Jew named Stuart had published Pierce's "Turner Diaries", Pierce explained no one else dared. What does that tell you about the books you are allowed to read?

Is Nuclear war a depressing thought? Has the media not already convinced most of us that the only alternative to the genetic mixing of the races is war and the destruction of humanity? Maybe "rabbi" Stuart (why are people not legally required to keep and honor the names of their OWN ancestors, and not to use [and discredit] the names of other families and ethnic groups?) thinks the "Turner Diaries" serves the cause of our Exploiters.

I thought Pierce's "Hunter" was a much more exciting and easy to read book than the "Turner Diaries". Despite the violence, it expressed some of my own ideas. I am not opposed to violence in the service of Life; I just love all humans and other living things, as I do myself.

After Dr. Pierce ended the interview due to hoarseness, Bell began to insult Dr. Pearce in earnest.

As one would expect from a morally weak and cowardly back-stabber, after Bell cuts callers off the air, when they can no longer defend themselves, Bell often insults them. Bell usually makes ad hominem attacks against any caller who opposes our Exploiters' agenda.

Was Bell worried that failing to discredit Pierce during the interview might cost him his career? Bell presented many excuses for having let us hear Pierce speak, one of which was that CBS's "rabbi" Mike Wallace had allowed Pierce on "60 minutes". Bell claimed to have been seething with anger (rather insane hatred) throughout the interview. Bell said he had not been more intolerant of Pierce because of Bell's philosophy that guests should be allowed to communicate!

Bell is usually less rude to guests than to callers. If Bell allowed callers to talk more and treated them respectfully I could stand listening to him more often.

Bell often boasts that he has no call-screener, as though his usual practice of immediately cutting off the air any caller who dares oppose our Exploiters' agenda were not censorship enough. If Bell were not such a hypocrit, would our Exploiters not have fired Bell long ago?

During the hour after Dr. Pierce spoke, instead of letting the audience hear callers speak about Dr. Pierce, Bell promoted our Exploiters' race-mixing, anti-militia, anti-nationalist, etc. agenda, as always. Some of the few callers Bell allowed on the air said they were frightened that Pierce had so logically and rationally stated why keeping races separate was desirable. Some callers agreed with Bell that miscegenation was the only way to prevent a race war.

Bell described anyone that does not swallow the Holocaust story hook, line, and sinker as "full of crap" (typical of Bell's vocabulary and intellectual depth when responding to any caller opposed to our Exploiters' agenda). How can a man as intelligent as Bell be so corrupt?

Have you ever heard one talk show host on our Exploiter's media who has the grit of an average American?

A Negro caller said ancient Egyptians were Negroes. Bell let the Negro's lie slide by without comment, but questioned the motives of a later caller who gainsaid the Negro's lie.

I tried to telephone Bell to ask whether he would invite Pierce back on the program to finish the interview, or rebroadcast it again later on. I hope so.

P.S. July 15, 1996: The last few weeks I have been reading "The Best of Attack and National Vanguard", a compilation of well written and informative articles published by Dr. Pierce's National Alliance about 10 or more years ago. Aryans would be much better educated if they read many of those articles. I wish our Exploiter's media were as credible, commited to truth, accuracy, and professionalism as Dr. Pierce has been. Dr. Pierce is over 60 years old now. Who can replace him?

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Is CENSORSHIP a war against our knowing the TRUTH,
and therefore really a war against DEMOCRACY and US?

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That's all, folks. Farewell; Au revoir; Hasta la huego; Adeus; and Auf wieder sehen
from a mostly Aryan country boy whose ancestors have lived in Fairfield County since before SOUTH CAROLINA was a free and sovereign state (it has been the first to struggle against Imperialism to be so again) in the land of



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