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ADAM SHEFFIELD. son of John Sheffield, Sr & Hannah Melton, was born about 1760 in Moore Co, NC.  He was one of 13 children.  Adam spent his youth and young adulthood in the Moore Co area. 
Adam married Priscilla (possibly Smith) about 1788 most likely in the Moore Co, NC area.  Priscilla, possibly the daughter of Everett Smith & Mourning Melton, was born about 1765, probably in Moore Co, NC. 
Adam is not listed as a head of household on the first US Census in 1790, but they may have been living in the household of his parents.  The listing for John Sheffield, Sr shows the following for his household:

3 free white males 16 and upwards
1 free white male under 16
4 free white females

John Sheffield, Sr passed away in 1796 and in his will, he left Adam "one hundred acres of land lying on the Rattlesnake Branch."  Adam didn't remain in Moore Co for long afterward, though.  By 1797, Adam & Priscilla were living at the Nathan Smith Settlement in Franklin Co, GA.
Adam Sheffield was listed as a "subscriber" on a request for passports for a group of men petitioning the Governor to pass through Indian lands on April 14th, 1804 in Franklin County, Ga.
He drew one blank and one prize of one lot in the 1805 Franklin County land lottery.

By 1816, Adam was listed of the 1816 Census of Monroe Co, MS Territory.  The area where he lived would become St Clair Co, AL when Alabama was admitted to the Union in 1819.

Adam was listed as a head of household in St Clair Co, AL in 1830.  His household was composed of:

1 male under 5
3 males 15-20
2 males 20--30
1 male 50-60
1 female 10-15
1 female 15-20
1 female 20-30
1 female 50-60
1 female 80-90

I would love to know who the "female age 80-90" is!!

Information I have seen suggests Priscilla Sheffield died in 1839, but the 1840 Benton (Calhoun) Co, AL census tends to cast some doubt on that.  Adam Sheffield's household consisted of:

1 male 50-60
2 females 15-20
1 female 40-50

Who was the female aged 40-50?
I have no idea where Priscilla or Adam may be buried.  I would welcome any information on the subject.

Adam remarried 9 Mar 1841 in Benton Co to Ellender Gibson.  At that time, Adam was somewhere in the neighborhood of 81 years old, but he was obviously youthful enough to father two more sons with Ellender before his death in the fall of 1844.

Adam had no will when he died and his son, Nathan, was appointed to administer his estate.  Nathan passed away before the estate was settled, and another son, Isham, took over the administration duties.  The estate was finally settled in 1858, but that was mainly because of the two younger sons Adam had fathered with Ellender.  Guardians had to be appointed and their care had to be overseen.  Of course, at that time, women weren't considered intelligent enough to oversee the care of their own children without a man to oversee her! haha! 
Adam's estate papers reveal that three of his children were living out of state at the time of his death.  Adam Sheffied lived in Choctaw Co, MS, Everett Sheffield lived in Itawamba Co, MS, and Sally Sheffield Wesson lived in Lafayette Co, MS.  His other children lived in Alabama.  All were of age, with the exception of the two sons of Ellender. 
Ellender was a participant in the administration of the estate, although she relinquished her right to actually be the administrator.  The documents state that she is in possession of the two infant children and Adam Sheffield's property.  She stated that she is the only person with possession of Adam's property and the she resides "at the Mansion house lately occupied by the said decedent." 

The estate papers are the last mention that I have been able to find on Ellender and her two sons.  I would welcome any info on the matter.


1)  Nathan Sheffield, b. 9 Jun 1789, Moore Co, NC, d. 26 Sept 1846, St Clair Co, AL.  Nathan married Celia Conn 3 Aug 1819 in St Clair Co, AL.  Celia was born 23 Aug 1790 in SC and died 17 Feb 1888 in Etowah Co, AL.  Both are buried at Old Harmony Bapt Cemetery, Rainbow City, Etowah Co, AL.  Nathan & Celia spent their entire married lives in the St Clair/Etowah Co, AL area.

2)  Mary (Polly) Sheffield, b. abt 1792, Moore Co, NC, d. 1860, Winston Co, AL.  She married Berry Dodd 25 Sept 1810 in Franklin Co, GA.  Berry was born about 1787 in Franklin Co, GA and died in 1860 in Winston Co, AL.  Berry is buried at Baugh Cemetery in Lynn, Walker Co, AL.  Berry and Mary were residents of Hancock (later Winston) Co, AL in 1850.

Nancy Sheffield, b. 1794, Moore Co, NC, d. 2 Nov 1867, Calhoun Co, AL.  Nancy married Mark Phillips about 1812 in Franklin Co, GA.  Mark, son of Mark Phillips & Raney Moore, was born 1785 in Georgia and died 3 Nov 1861 in Calhoun Co, AL.  Nancy & Mark spent their entire married lives in the St Clair/Calhoun/Etowah Co, AL area.  Both are buried at Phillips-Smith Cemetery in Southside, Etowah Co, AL.

4)  Hannah Sheffield, b. abt 1796, Franklin Co, GA, d. aft 1880.  Hannah married Robert Weems.  Robert was born about 1774 in South Carolina and died after 1880.  Robert & Hannah were in Calhoun Co in 1860 and Etowah Co in 1870 & 1880. 

5)  Lydia Sheffield, b. abt 1797, Franklin Co, GA, d. Sept 1879, St Clair Co, AL.  Lydia married Thomas C. Bowlin about 1819.  He was born abt 1790 in Moore Co, NC and died April 1864 in St Clair Co, AL.  Both are buried at Ashville Cemetery in Ashville, St Clair Co, AL.  Lydia & Thomas spent their entire married lives in St Clair Co, AL.

6)  John Wesley Sheffield, Sr, b. abt 1799, Franklin Co, GA, d. 1885, St Clair Co, AL.  He married Martha Wilson 22 Dec 1825 in St Clair Co, AL.  She was born abt 1807 in South Carolina and died aft 1870.  Wesley is shown on the 1880 census in St Clair Co, AL with one of his daughters and her husband and that record indicates that he was divorced. 

7)  Pleasant Broom Sheffield, b. abt 1803, Franklin Co, GA.  He married Desdemonia Gilbert 8 Feb 1829 in St Clair Co, AL.  In 1850, they lived in Benton Co, AL.

8)  Adam Sheffield, b. abt 1805, Franklin Co, GA, d. abt 1870, Calhoun Co, MS.  Adam married Sarah McRaney 13 Mar 1830 in St Clair Co, AL.  She was born about 1805 in South Carolina.  In 1850, their family lived in Chickasaw Co, MS. 

9)  Isham Sheffield, b. abt 1808, Franklin Co, GA, d. 1885, St Clair Co, AL.  Isham married Jane Littlefield 10 Sept 1828 in St Clair Co, AL.  She was born 25 May 1814 in Spartanburg District, SC and died 10 April 1889 in St Clair Co, AL.  In 1850, they lived in Dekalb Co, AL.

10)  Sarah (Sally) Sheffield, b. bet 1810-1820, Franklin Co, GA.  Sarah married Thomas Wesson 20 Dec 1832 in St Clair Co, AL.  In 1850, they lived in Lafayette Co, TN.

11)  Amelia Sheffield, b. abt 1812, Franklin Co, GA.  She married William Hiram Jones, Sr 13 Jul 1830 in St Clair Co, AL.

12)  Everett Sheffield, b. abt 1812, Franklin Co, GA.  Everett married Rebecca Sheffield (possibly a cousin??) 10 Mar 1832 in St Clair Co, AL.  She was born abt 1813 in North Carolina.  In 1850, their family lived in Itawamba Co, MS. 


1)  John Sheffield, b. abt 1842, Benton Co, AL Md Julia Gaddie

2)  Adam Sheffield, b. abt 1843, Benton Co, AL Md Elizabeth Jackson