Dominique's Accomplishments

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Career Highlights

1998 Goodwill Games All-Around Champion
1997 World Championships Team, Individual All-Around Finalist
1996 Olympic Gold Medalist
1995 World Championships Silver & Bronze Medalist
1995 Senior National Champion
1994 Junior National Champion

Quick Bio

Moceanu was the youngest member (14) of the 1996 Gold Medal Olympic Team and finished ninth in the all-around competition. With the new minimum age rules, she is assured of retaining the record for being the youngest U.S. gymnast ever to win an Olympic gold medal. When she and her teammates appeared on the Wheaties cereal box, she became the youngest athlete ever to receive the honor. While she is the youngest member of the 1997 World Championships Team, she has the broadest range of international experience among the USA women. She earned the only USA individual medal (silver on beam) at the 1995 World Championships and had the highest USA all-around finish. She vaulted from Junior National Champion in 1994 to Senior National Champion in 1995, becoming the youngest Senior National Champion in history (age 13). At age 10, she was the youngest athlete to ever to qualify to the U.S. Junior National Team. Her first international all-around title came at the 1995 Visa Challenge. She was USOC SportsWoman of the Month for April and September '95. A nominee for the 1995 Sullivan Award, honoring the USA's top amateur athlete, she received the McDonald's 1996 Break Through To Be Your Best Award. Her goal after gymnastics is to be involved in sports medicine. Her Romanian-born parents came to the U.S. in 1980; both were competitive gymnasts -- her father, Dumitru, was on the Romanian Junior National Team and mother Camelia was a Level 10 gymnast. Her younger sister, Christina, also is gymnast. Dominique speaks fluent Romanian. Before moving to Houston to train with Bela Karolyi, the family lived in California, Illinois and Florida. Dominique was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1996 and appeared in a Kodak TV commercial. She has a book, Dominique Moceanu: An American Champion, on the market. Her family owns Moceanu Gymnastics, a club in Houston.

National Competition


-1997 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Denver, Colo.; 9th-AA, 12th (t)-V,
23rd-UB, 17th-BB, 2nd-FX


-Rock n' Roll Gymnastics Championships, Charleston, South Carolina; 1st-AA
-U.S. Olympic Trails-Gymnastics, Boston, Mass.; (did not compete; used scores from
1996 CC Champs.)
-Coca-Cola National Championships, Knoxville, Tenn.; 3rd-AA


-Rock n' Roll Gymnastics; 1st-AA
-World Team Trials, Austin, Texas; 1st-AA
-Coca-Cola National Championships, New Orleans, La.; 1st-AA , 2nd-FX, 3rd-V, 5th-BB,
-American Classic/Pan American Games Trials, Oakland, Calif; 2nd(t)-AA, 1st-V,
9th-UB, 3rd-BB, 3rd-FX


-Coca-Cola National Championships, Nashville, Tenn.; 1st-AA, V & FX(t), 3rd-UB & BB
(junior division)
-American Classic/World Championships Trials, Orlando, Fla. ; 4th-AA (junior division)


-Coca-Cola National Championships, Salt Lake City, Utah; 7th (t)-AA (junior division)
-U.S. Classic, Austin, Texas; 8th-AA (junior division)
-U.S. Olympic Festival, San Antonio, Texas; 12th-AA, 4th-FX
-American Classic, Murray, Utah; 10th(t)-AA, 5th-FX, 7th-V, 15th-UB, 16th-BB junior division)


-U.S. National Championships, Columbus, Ohio; 5th-AA, 2nd-BB (junior division)
-U.S. Classic, Knoxville, Tenn.; 10th-AA, 4th-BB (junior division)


-U.S. Classic, Salt Lake City, Utah; 7th-AA, 1st-BB, 5th-UB (junior division)

International Competition


-1997 Reese's International Gymnastics Cup, Anaheim, Calif.; 3rd-Team
-Womens Professional Gymnastics Championships, Rochester, Minnesota; 5th(t)-AA
-World Professional Gymnastics Championship; 4th-AA
-International Team Championship, Cincinnnati, Ohio; 2nd-Team
-Reese's International Gymnastics Cup, Anaheim, California; 3rd-Team


-USA vs. the World, Houston, Texas; 1st-Team
-Summer Olympic Games, Atlanta, Georgia; 1st-Team, 4th-FX, 6th-BB


-World Championships, Sabae, Japan; 5th-AA, 3rd-Team, 2nd(t)-BB, 7th(t)-FX
-Visa Challenge, Fairfax, Va.; 1st-AA, Team & FX, 3rd-V & BB, 2nd-UB
-Reese's International Gymnastics Cup, Portland, Ore.; 1st-UB, 3rd-BB, 4th-FX


-International Tournament of Jr. Women's Gymnastics, Charleroi, Belgium; 5th-AA,
1st-Team & BB, 3rd-UB


-Jr. Pan American Games; 2nd-AA, 1st-Team, V, UB & FX

Other Accomplishments

-Member of 1996 US Olympic Gymnastics Team
-Member of the first ever US Olympic Gymnastics Team Gold medal
-Voted Athlete of the Year by the US Olympic Committee in 1995
-At the 1995 World Championships, she was the only American to bring home an individual medal
-Member of the US team competing at the 1995 World Championships in Sabae, Japan. The Team won the bronze medal.
-In 1995, she was ranked 2nd in the world on the balance beam
-Member of the Junior National Team for 3 years
-Member of Karolyi's Elite Team for 4-1/2 years

Records Set

-Member of the first ever US Olympic Gymnastics Team Gold medal
-Youngest gymnast in Olympic history to win the Team Gold Medal
-Youngest (age 14) and Smallest (4"6 1/2') athlete to compete in 1996 Olympics. Since there has been a rule change (as of the 2000 Olympics, you must be atleast 16 years old to compete), this record will never be broken.
-Youngest ever to win the Senior National Championships (age 13)
-The youngest gymnast ever to compete at the worlds (age 13)
-Youngest Gymnast ever to earn a spot on the Natonal Team (Age 10).
-Youngest Gymnast to have an Autobiography (Age 14).

Credits: "Other Accomplishments" and "Records Set" information was taken from The Official
Dominique Moceanu Website, other information was taken from USA Gymnastics.