These are some really cool places that Domi has been mentioned in or has had an article done about her.  The most recent articles at the top.  I'll try and keep this more updated from now on. =)   For an almost complete list of articles from the past go here.

Dominique is in Teen People- October 1999 Issue

Dominique is in USA Today- September 30, 1999

Dominique is in Dominique in Cosmo Girl- Summer 1999.

Dominique is on the front cover of the Olympic Brochure here.

Dominique is in the April 21, 1997 issue of People Magazine (Rosie O'Donnell is on the cover). It has a thing on Teen Bedrooms and hers is featured. It is on page 98.

Dominiquewas in the March issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids. The article includes an interview by SI for Kids. Go here to check it out!

Dominique was in the January issue of Seventeen. Check it out! Dom got a makeover and looks better than ever!

Dominiquewas in the December 30th issue of People magazine. The article is about the controversy between Kerri and her new tour and the rest of the Mag7 and their tour.

Dominique was in an Israeli newspaper during the Olympics. Not all of the information is correct but it's still a pretty good article. Click here to read it.


Dominique Moceanu's autobiography. If you have not read her autobiography, go and get it, it's awesome.

Nique's new biography: Dominique Moceanu - A Gymnastics Sensation written by Ms. Krista Quiner. It should be available in bookstores near you by the end of December or early January. She has written biographies on Shannon Miller and Kim Zmeskal in the past.

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There is a section of the Magnificent 7 book about Domi. If you are a gymnastics fan and want to learn more about all the members of the 1996 USA Olympic Team, this is the book for you!

I went to the bookstore the other day, and saw a new gymnastics book called something like Gold for Glory, and it was written by two people with the last name Cohen. I did not have time to look through the book that much, but I quickly skimmed through it and saw some pictures of Dominique. Email me if you know more information about the book.

If you know of any other articles email me at where you found them and I'll post it up here!

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