1981:Dominique "Helena" Moceanu is born on September 30 in Hollywood, California
When Dominique was just 6 months old, her father had her hold onto a clothes line to test her strength. Dominique held on until it broke! This was an early sign to show her strength in becoming a gymnast.

1983:Dominique and her family relocate to Highland Park, Illinois, near Chicago. Later, between the ages of 3 and 4, her parents enroll her in a local gymnastics club

1985:Her father, Dimitry, contacts Bela Karoli at his gym in Houston and inquires about putting Dominique in his classes, but Bela tells him to wait until age 9 or 10.

1987:Dominique moves to Tampa, Florida and enrolls at LaFleur's Gymnastics where she continues to train

1989:On August 24, Dominique's sister, Christina, is born Click Here to see a picture of Christina!!

1991:After Dominique turns 10, she moves to Houston. She tells her father that she wishes to train at Karolyi's while watching a gymnastics program. Her father replies "Okay. We will go!" and on December 18, she arrives for her first session.

1992:Only seven months after beginning her training at Karolyi's, she qualifies for the Junior National team and medals at the 1992 Junior Nationals-the youngest junior qualifier to ever do so (age 10).

1993:Dominique compete's in the Junior National Championships, but does not medal. She finishes 7th all-around.

1994:Dominique win's the Junior National Championships which is her first all-around title.

1995:Dominique becomes the youngest in U.S. history to win the Senior National Championships and is the only gymnast who has went from a junior title to a senior title in just one year!! At the World Championships in Sabae, Japan, Dominique wins a silver medal on the balance beam and gets fifth all-around, which was the best finish for an American.

1996:At the 1996 Summer Olympics, Dominique does not win any individual medals, b
ut she does help her teamates to the first ever, women's gymnastics team gold medal in U.S. history!!!

 Note: Information is taken from Dominique Moceanu - An American Champion.  Check it out for more about Dominique!