I decided to create a new section to this website.  It is somewhat of a continuation of the Turmoil in Texas page.  It looks like Dominique has made it through the trouble with her dad and is moving on with her life.  Since she has found new strength and overcome so much, I figured this is a major turning point in her life.  That is why I created this page, to record her comeback into the gymnastics world that will hopefully culminate into Gold in Sydney!

    Dominique has officially said that she will return to gymnastics.  ``I have to start over now and that's fine,'' she said. ``I think I've learned early what it's like to fall
down and pick yourself back up and fall down and pick yourself back up.''  She will be coached under Alexander Alexandrov, her coach in 1994 and 1995.  Luminita Miscenco is no longer coaching her because she is still stressed from the tense court battle.  She is now coaching at Nadia Comaneci's Gym in Norman, Oklahoma.   (January 15, 1999)
    In just the recent past, Dominique has moved to Florida to resume her training in hopes for more Olympic glory in 2000. "Moceanu and Miscenko make their move after weighing her options andcarefully considering several other alternatives Dominique Moceanu and coach Luminita Miscenko moved, together, to Florida to train at Rita Brown's Altamonte Springs gym. Brown, who has coached several top stars, including Olympic bronze medalist Wendy Bruce and world team member Mohini Bhardwaj, will help train Moceanu but Miscenko will remain Dominqiue's primary coach. The group began working out yesterday and have no idea as of yet on when Moceanu will re-enter competition." (February 4, 1999)
    Dominique has officially received her gold medals from the Goodwill Games and the Olympics.  Her mother gave her the medals despite objections from her father.  Dominique is still hopeful that she and her family will one day work things out.  Also Dominique has now moved to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado to train.  She will be training and living along with the best male gymnasts in the country and many other tremendously great athletes involved with different sports.  Dominique's father has agreed to turn over financial records for the trust fund he had set up for Dominique.  Dominique has also called coach Rita Brown (coach in Florida) to apologize for any confusion over the nearly $29,000 Brown said the Olympic gold-medal  gymnast and her coach owe her. (February 18, 1999)

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