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                      It is the summer of 2000 and I chris and my family have moved to Colorado. We are in front of our house and im unloading some stuff.  Finally im done and i start playing basketball on my new court.  eventually i get so hot and i take off my shirt and i keep going. Then i notice that i feel someone watching me. I turn around and see Dominique watching me play.  She smiles at me and walks towards me.  She laughs as I put my shirt back on and then I smile and we start talking.         We sit under this big tree in my front yard and start talking. I start talking about california and I crack some jokes and I start making her laugh a lot. She then gives me her phone number and saids she has to go back to training.
                        I call her up on the phone and I start moving in to ask her out but somehtings wrong she suddenly has to hang up. The next day I come back home from work when I hear a scream.  It's Domi.  I run as fast as I can as I can tell shes in danger.  I run to a street corner where I see a group of 5 guys bugging her. the leader seems to want her and Dominique has no one else with her.  Suddenly Domi slaps the leader and the guy pushes her to the ground.
                        The anger I experience is nothing I have felt before, it was amazing the rage I felt, I decided it was time yo protect the woman I loved.  I get behind them and I wait for the perfect moment.  I jump out of the shadows and take out one guy.  I punch the second guy several times and knock him to the ground hard.  the third guy catches me with a left and then a right, but no way
would they hurt Dominique as long as I was in one piece.  I duck and spin kick him knocking this guy out.  The fourth guy takes out a knife and trys to stab me but I kick out of his hand and upper cut him.  Now it is just the leader, the one who hurt her.  He looks real scared as I approach him he backs up further and further.  Finally he swings wildly and I dodge with ease kneeing him in the guy and then in the face.  But the other guys get up and jump me pummeling me. As I eventually dropped down to my knees I hear Dominiques screams and then I black out.
                        I wake up and see someone looking over me.  My vision comes back and i see
Dominique smile as I wake up.  She hugs me and starts to cry. I hold her there for what seemed to be eternity.  I then see cops around the area and a ambulance coming up.  I get put into the ambulance and Domi insists on coming with me to the hospital.
                         I wake up in a bed and find domi sleeping in a chair in my hospital room. She wakes up and smiles.  She tells me that she is so happy I'm alright. She tells me that it was the greatest thing anybody had ever done to jump into a fight to protect her.  I smile and tell her it was cause I really loved her. She hugs me again and saids that she wants to be together.
                        I get out of the hospital and we start dating right away.  We have memorible things like me being at the olympics and watching her win the all around gold.  I take her to hawail after that and bring her to a special place on the island that has a beautiful sight of all the jungles and beaches
and the ocean.  She is breath taken as she sees this wonderful sight and stands
there in awe.
                        Finally she turns around and kisses me and saids that this is such a great place.  I run my hand down the side of her face admiring her beauty then I pull out the wedding ring that I has worked so long and hard for. I tell her that I had worked for several years saving money for the woman that I truly loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I open up the case and
there lies a diamond ring with a gold outline.  I place it upon her right hand and ask her to marry me.  She smiles and saids yes.  We hug each other on that site over Hawail the moment I will never forget, the sun shining the birds singing and the people on the beach acting in a way that seemed to be celebrating out engagement.
                        Six months later on what seemed to be a perfect summer day me(Chris Steves) and Dominique Moceanu were married outdoors in a clearing full of beautiful flowers and trees.

Thanks to Chris for this dream!

It started out early in the morning in Dominique's new 70,000 square foot gym.  I started stretching on the floor in my warmup suit just before Dominique arrived.  Minutes later, I turned around and saw Dominique stretching a few feet away from me.  I called out her name and she recognized me.  We gave each other a big bear hug, said hi, and talked for about an hour.  Then she showed me all of her routines.  She then showed me all of the basic gymnastic moves to get me familarized with everything.  A few hours later, Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps arrived in the gym with two 16 inch pizza's.  They told me there was a helicopter sitting on the parking lot right by the gym.  I was like, That's my chopper.  After we ate,  I ended up showing the chopper to everyone including Dominique.  Minutes later, me and Nique climbed into the jetranger bell 206B helicopter for the quick flight to downtown Houston.  The flight lasted about 45 minutes and we saw alot of places along the way including the astrodome and Houston's Intercontinential Airport.  I eventually did a safe, easy landing on an empty parking lot near Nique's gym just before a thundershower rolled by.  When we got back inside the gym, we started our afternoon workout session.  I did several routines on floor and bars while Nique did routines continously on each apparatus.  She never gave up.  Eventually she got somewhat tired.  So she drove me to her house during the
early evening and showed me around the place.  We eventually ended up in her bedroom.  We both relaxed, talked, and listened to music after a long day of training.  It was so cool.  Eventually we kissed and hugged each other good night.  Then I woke up saying
where am I?

I had a dream about competing at the olympics in the 200 meter final on the track.  My goal was to beat Michael Johnson's world record time of 19.32 seconds.  So I got setup and ready to go.  As soon as the gun sounded, I cruised a half lap to the finish.  When I saw the time, I jumped in disbelief.  My time was 19.1 seconds.  Seconds later, I turned around and noticed Dominique Moceanu in the infield.  She ran to me and gave me the biggest kiss and hug yet.  She also congradulated me for my great performance.  About a minute later, me and Dominique grabbed the stars and stripes for a victory lap.  It was a tremedous moment.  After I received my goal medal, I showed it to Nique and she gave me another big kiss.  Then I woke up thinking that I really won a gold

The dream started out at the Baltimore Arena where Dominique signed some autographs.  When I first saw her, She asked if I wanted an autograph.  I'm like sure.  Then I gave her a small letter.  In the letter, I asked her if she wanted to be my prom date.  I received something in the mail the very next day and she said yes!  I jumped in
joy and excitment.  A few months later, I saw her all dressed up at the prom.  she looked so beautiful.  We danced the night away and they eventually named me and Dominique Moceanu prom king and queen.  Now, If that ever happened in reality, It would have been the best time of my life.  Eventually, me and Dominique went to BWI
Airport near Baltimore, MD for a long night flight back to Houston, TX.  During the flight, Dominique told me how thrilling it was to be named prom queen and that she'll never forget this night.  She then gave me a big kiss and said that she loved me very much.  Then I woke up realizing  that none of this was true.  But again maybe it
will someday.

Thanks goes to James Schuyler for the above 3 dreams.

In one dream I hear she will be staying at a certain hotel, so I check in.  There is a computer in the room, which, for some reason, is linked to the main computer.  I break into the list of people who are staying there, and found out that she checked out only a half an hour ago.  I get really mad and run around screaming.

In the second one, I end up in a taxi with her parents.  I decide to pop over, and they don't mind.  In the dream, she lives near me (in NYS).  She lives in a big, shiny black trailer.  It has another tiny trailer inside of it which serves as her room.  There is even a pool inside the trailer, even though it looks really small from the outside.  In the dream, she has an older brother.  We sit next to the pool and wek talk, or, rather, she talks. I can't think of much to say, and when I do say something, it comes out _really_ stupid.  Her parents invited me to stay for dinner, maybe because they felt sorry for me because I was making a fool of myself.  I run out because I'm so embarrassed for saying all the stupid things.  I get mad and run around screaming on the way home (familiar? :-/ )

In the third one, I hear she visited a nearby school.  What happened was she ran into the middle of a basket ball game while it was going on and just started playing.  Well, sure enough, it happens to us the next day. I spend the whole day knocking myself out trying to get her attention. There is a nursery in the school, and she is in it.  I actually dance and leap by the door a few times to attract her attention.  At the end of the day, her parents' car pulls into the parking lot, and I know she's leaving soon.  I write up a quick note, and I remember exactly what it said:

We sure had fun.
John Hancock
Joe Giroux

 I don't know why I signed it John Hancock first.  Maybe it has something to do with John Hancock insurance. but I'm not a very good dream analyser.  I take the note and put it against the window of the car as it is driving away.  Her parents are shouting, "NO NO NO," but she makes them stop the car, she rolls down the window, takes the note and drives away.  This was the only one that I don't get mad and scream at the end.  Oh yeah, I didn't put it above, but I did get to talk to her a couple of times briefly throughout the day.
Thanks goes to Joe ('Tzel) for these 3 dreams.

I had a dream that I was adopted by Dominique's parents, In the dream Idid not understand how she found me or how I found her but it happened.  I was put in Northland Christian as a freshmen(Dominique was a junior).The "Home-Coming" dance came and I got the nerve to ask my so-called sister to the dance she said yes.  I went NuTz!!! I could not believe she said yes!

I then woke for a second-my dog licking my face- I then rolled over and fell asleep again.

This time we were at the dance, I asked Dominique to dance, we got to the floor and started dancing none stop for what felt like hours- I could not take my eyes of her the whole time. Then the lights went dead one at a time until total darkness fell upon the room-----I then woke up.

[I have this dream a lot-each time it gets a little further but not much, I
like to analyze dreams but this one scares me-I am afraid what I might find

I would do anything do meet Dominique!!!

                                                        -Chris Hewitt

My dream was really weird but cool. I was walking down the street and I bumped into Dominique and Christina. I guess they were coming home from the mall. Dominique started talking to me and I was just staring at her in awe because I had never seen her in person before. She finally invited me over to her house for dinner. Her house was very big and had Romanian things all over the place. I met her Mom and Dad, they were cool and really nice. Dominique had a miniture gym in her basement and she showed me her routines and I showed her mine. She also tought me some skills. Then it was time for dinner. The food smelled great but it didn't taste to great. I ate it anyway. We were having so much fun that she asked me to spend the night and in the morning check out her new gym. We ended staying up all night playing cards, listing to music, and watching T.V. In the morning we were so tired that we only got through 4 routines. We took a little snooz and then my Mom came to pick me up and ended up having 2 hour conversation with Dominique's Mom. Later Dominique invited me to all of her meets and I invited her to all of my meets.

My dream happened a while back but I still remember it clearly.  I dreamed that I was on Oprah or some show like that and the theme was " Your Dream Person".  I was one of the guest and of course Domi was my dream girl.  I was up on stage and then suddenly she walked out.  I can't even begin to explain the joy I had seeing her.  She came over and gave me a little kiss on the cheek and then sat down.  The host set it up that we could eat dinner together later that evening.  We went to the most exclusive restaurant in the town, and here Domi told me that she thought she loved me.  It is at this point that I wake up.  The feeling is horrible when you wake up after a dream like that and to realize that none of it is true.  But maybe someday it will.

Love you always Dominique,

1)Ok, me my friend and her mom were all walking down this dark hallway for some strange reason.  We reacked a door and so we went in.  In the room there was some light and there were 3 beams.  Practicing on one of the beams was little Dominique Moceanu waering a long sleeved pink and white leo.  We went up to her and said hi and she said hi back.  We talked to her for quite awhile and them she said she had to keep practicing. Them we left and I woke up.

2)It was my first gymnastics meet and I went in the little carpeted low ceiling room with a really really small mat and I was expected to do my floor routine in there.  Whatching me was my fourth grade teacher and my tennis coach don't ask why.  I Totally blew it right from the beginning I forgot to take off my warmups and I really messed up the routine.  Them another girl came ready to do her routine and she did perfect.  Well I went to another room and then I saw Shannon Miller I waved and said her name but everyone told me to be quiet and she would no look at me.  Then I saw Dominique and she took me into another room and talked to me and I got her autograph. She was soooo sweet!

3)I was going to the JH Tour and when I got there and it was taking a really really really long time get started.  My friend Kendra was in the doorway where the gymnasts come out eating a sandwhich talking to the gymnasts.  I was sooooo jealous.  Well I decided to go sleding since the tour was not starting.  So I did.  It was really fun to.  After that I went back to the tour hoping it was going to start soon and I saw dominique.  I almost fainted.  I saw her and through her a rose and them I woke up.


In one dream I was watching Dominique perform in a competition, I forget
which one.  For some reason I got bored and started playing catch using
a tennis ball with my friend, who was with me.  Then I made a wild throw
and it bonked a gymnast while she was on the beam.  So the meet
officials came and threw me out of the gym.  I remember being really mad
when I woke up.


I recently had a dream in which I decided to visit Domi (I think I was going to ask her to marry me).  Since my parents wouldn't let me drive their car, I decided to walk to her home.  I got there in the middle of the night, ten days later.   I was soaking wet (it was raining on my way through OK City).   When I rang her doorbell in the morning, I found that she had moved.   Then I woke up....


My family and I went to a stop on the John Hancock tour and there I met Domi!! She was really nice and sweet and I was so exited I invited her to our house to stay for a while . When she said yes I screamed and she laughed and said "I'm not that important". Anyway we came home and Domi and I were just hanging out listening to music,watching TV and talking. I asked her to sign an autograph for me and she said "Sure! I'd be glad too!" I looked around for my 4 Nique books and I couldn't find them !! I told her and she said " I'll sign something else !" I said " Are you sure?" . That made her smile. " Sure I'm sure. she said "I'm Dominique Moceanu!" That cracked us both up! Any how all I could find was a golf ball! Domi laughed and said " This is fine." She signed " 2000 Olympic all-around champ for sure  Dominique Moceanu" Soon after that she had to leave . She thanked me and my parents and ran to her dad's mustang. I ran back inside to get the golf ball but I could'nt find it!! I woke up MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes,
Michelle Jester

I had the coolest dream.i went to one of her competitions and she was the last to come out and i didn't know if she was there.i sat at like the top row and there was a lot of seats below.i cried in my seat because i wanted to meet her so badd. But of course my mom would not let me run down their.then they picked a girl to do a  standing back tuck and i thought they should pick girls all the way up top because it's not fair.Then i was upset after it was over.i had fun but it wasn't enough for me because i loved gymnastics so muchsince i was like 4.My parents did not care at all.i use to cry every night in my room and stare at my mag 7 picture .but if i could only meet her i would never be upset all the time.i wish they picked someone for her to meet.Like me.i feel like i know every thing about her.

    -Tyffany A.K.A.

I had a dream once that I was at the phillips 66 national championships, and
that some hom dominique noticed me!!! I was in the 200m fly final and I was in lane 4 ( i was the top seed ). well anyway the announcer announced my name " in lane 4 swimming for eagle swim team adam wisthoff". for some reason i heard domi's chear over everyone elses i looked back and there she was in the stands cheering for me. ok well anyway i swam my event and won it, again i heard domi cheering. after the session was over she came over and congratulated me, i said holly shit your dominique moceanu. domi said "yep, i saw your race you were awesome!!",i said wait a minute how the helldo you know me? she said ive noticed you for a while and i had to come seeyou. i said wow i didnt think anyone knew me. domi said well maybe not butihave deffinently noticed you!!! i said hay you want to come back to myhotel
room or something. domi said sure. i was exstatic i couldnt believe not onlyam i in love with this girl but she knew who i was and now i was actuallygoing to have her in my room. when we got there i told her how much i likedher she said that the feeling was mutual.

    -Adam Wisthoff (barracuda-a2r@erols.com)

Like a month ago i was sooooo in loved with Dominique that i even dreamed about her. I was crazy about her and then one night i was soo mad cause i couldnt realy look eye to eye  with Dominique soo i went to her house and ask her out and she said 'YES' . I was soo happy I took her every where but one day she had to go to the olympics soo she leftme . I was crying for hours but she nevercame back and it broke my heart. I still dream about her and i am syill waiting for her to feel her love one again.

    -Nathan Arocho