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GymMom has a daughter that trains at MGI (Moceanu Gymnastics, Incorporated), and therefore she knows a lot about what is going on there.  For now, this page will tell you what all is happening there now that Dominique has left.

Januray 12, 1999

Yes, I heard this same kind of thing from one of the parents at the gym last night. I'm
not sure but I think Dimitry may have dismissed the twins because I have not seen them
around the last couple of times I have been at the gym.

We've moved to the back gym as of yesterday. Some parents are rumbling that it's
"small". As compared to the front gym, yes, it is small BUT, having just made the rounds
of many of the more reputable gyms in the north and west Houston area, it is still one
of the larger ones at 12,000 square feet (Browns is the only one I can recall that is
bigger at 17,500 if I recall right).
I'm actually liking this smaller gym as there is less room for the kids to "wander" and
spread out. In the big gym, my daughter would situate herself behind the coach and
fart around (to the extent that I threatened her with cutting her back to two days a
week. I'm not paying good money for her to just go fart around and cheat on her
conditioning.) She actually had to *work* last night....OOOOooooo.....LOL! Plus, it's
easier for the parents to watch (especially for near-sighted, blind as a bat parents like
me...heh heh).
I asked Dimitry last night about summer gymnastics camp. Moceanu's *will* hold a
summer gym camp (a relief to me as I was not relishing the thought of driving to two
different gyms every day even for just a week or two, one for camp and one for thier
regular lessons).

January 8, 1999

The deal fell through and the twins backed out.
Apparently the twins had come over from Cypress Gym and a lot of the higher level and
elite girls had come with them. BUT many of the girls that followed them to MGI have
now left with the parents stating that they felt that the coaches (the twins) had began
neglecting thier coaching duties since the move to MGI. There is also a rumor that the
twins wanted too much control over the gym when the deal was for it to be a
partnership arrangement (found this out last night).

On another note, I was speaking to one of the coaches last night and the subject of
changing the gym's name came up. The coach said that she had been told by Dimitry
that the gyms name would remain MGI and that Dimitry stated that he had spoken to
several judges who told him....get this....that they would not "hold it against, or take it
out on the kids, that they were from MGI"
Excuse me? What the heck is that supposed to mean? That the thought had occured to
someone, anyone, to penalize these kids just because they happen to be from a
particular gym? How very mature of them......

So, for now, it remains MGI and the Moceanu's remain the sole owners for the
foreseeable future.

January 7, 1999

OK, I missed the meeting on Monday concerning the ins and outs of MGI's future for
the coming year but was filled in by another parent.
MGI *will* move to the back gym (Domi's personal gym). Apparently it has been sold to
two women, twin sisters, who used to coach at Cypress Academy Gymnastics. They are
both former gymnasts themselves, highly "decorated" and very experienced.
This parent I spoke to stated that she got the impression that this was an "on paper"
deal as the new "owners" kept deferring to Dimitry when it came to questions about
how the new gym would be run, etc. although the parent did say that the new "owners"
did say that thier emphasis would be on quality rather than quantity. However it was
also stated that the plan was to eventually and slowly rebuild enrollment and hopefully
get to a level where they could again move back into the front gym in the next year or
Dimitry has not yet found anyone to lease the front gym area (it will not be leased out
as a gym, to avoid competition and due to the natural awkwardness of having two
competing gyms in the same building).

I met and spoke with one of the new "owners" at an open gym a few weeks ago (before
I knew that she was to be one of the new owners or that there were to be new owners)
and she was/is very nice, very competent as far as her knowledge of gymnastics, very
enthusiastic and very "positive reinforcement" oriented.
From what was said, it appears that the Moceanus will continue to be involved in the
"new" gym although in what capacity is unclear. My parent-informant said that she
feels that what is in the works is for these two sisters to become the owners of record
and for the Moceanu's to file bankruptcy. This move would allow the Moceanu's to file
bankruptcy without actually losing the gym as, since it would no longer be "thiers" it
could not be considered thier asset and sold off to satisfy thier debts.
Although my informant said nothing about it, I imagine that the majority of the
equipment in the front gym will go back to the leasing company/companies and the lease
on the remaining equipment transferred to the new owners.
The move to the back gym is supposed to be effective beginning next week. It would
have been sooner but they've had to install bathrooms and build a proper entryway,
these should be completed this weekend.

All in all, I am still happy with the place. Having already met one of the new owners
previously I believe that I will be very happy with her. If they had to sell it, I think the
Moceanu's made a good choice in selling it to this woman and her sister. I believe that
things will go forward quite well and successfully from here.

I'll keep you updated as I hear more. 1