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Shannon Miller's Wedding

1998 Rock and Roll Championships

1998 Nationals- Day 1

1998 Nationals- Day 2

Dominique on Extra!

Goodwill Games 1998

Goodwill Games 1998 Wrapup Show

1998 ERA Championships- Day 1

1998 ERA Championships- Day 2

1997 JH Tour (NBC) (Different from below)

1996 Rock n' Roll Gymnastics (Different from below)

Mag 7 Made in America (Different from below)

1997 International Team Championships (Different from below)

Oprah Winfrey Show

John Hancock Tour- Miami

Battle of the Sexes

5-7-9 Pictures

Mag 7 made in America

Superstar Gymnastics E!

1997 Rock and Roll Championships

1997 NBC John Hancock Tour

Sports Illustrated for Kids Show

1997 Nationals- Day 2 (August 1997)

Regis and Kathie Lee Show (July 24, 1997)

Today Show (July 23, 1997)

Professional Championships - Part I (May, 1997)

Professional Championships - Part II (May, 1997)

Professional Championships - Part III (May, 1997)

Ricki Lake (April, 1997)

1997 International Team Championships (April, 1997)

Reese's Cup (January 1997)

Bob Allen's TELL IT LIKE IT IS (August, 1996)

Sally Jessy Raphael Show! 

World Championships (Sept,1996)

1996 Rock n' Roll Gymnastics!

1995 Rock n' Roll Gymnastics!

John Hancock Tour on ESPN

Local News in Texas!

John Hancock Tour

US vs World

Domi in Japan

Pictures from the Gala

Pictures from the Olympics

Scanned and Misc. Pictures