Here are some poems made by fans like you.  If you have written a poem about or for Dominique, email me it at triryan@oocities.com, and I'll post it for you.

For You
Written By David, Denmark

Hello girl I see
You are reality
Your hair, your mouth and eyes
Nothing to critizice

I'm calling you my love
Beauty are made of
Living by your side
Be my light and pride

I'm writing you a song
Say "I LOVE YOU" all day long
My heart begins to race
When I see your angel face

This Poem is Dedicated to the Princess Dominique Moceanu

Ballad Of Dominique
Written By. John X. Kue

As I looked into your eyes, I see my dreams come true.
To see your smile, just makes me want to hold you close.
Give me a place in your heart, tell me where do I start.
Send me a kiss while we're thousands of miles apart.

Dominique, Dominique,

As I look into the heavens, I see you.
As I close my eyes, you're my dreamcome true.
Forever, I send a wish to the heavens above that one day you bemine.
Together til the end of time, I love you, yes I do...

Sun would shine bright in the skies.
I would break down and cry, wondering why you're not here with me..
I long to hold your hand, to see you smile when i call out your name.

As The days go by, you'll stay on my mind.
To hold you as the days and nights grow old.
Together, our love will weather the storm.
Looking into your eyes, my destiny was told..

Dominique, Dominique,

As I look into the heavens, I see you.
As I close my eyes, you're my dream come true.
Lonely days and nights I would think about you.
Blue skies, hold my hand, hold on tight as we fly through the skies, I love you, yes I do....

Dominique, Dominique,

Let me love you dear.
Let me into your Heart....

To My Special Friend
 Written by: Jeromer T.

Did you ever love a man
and know he didn't love you?
Did you ever feel like crying
and think what good does it do?

Did you ever look into his eyes
and say a little prayer?
Did you ever look into his heart
and wish that you were there?

Did you ever see him dance
when the lights are way down low?
Did you ever say "God I love him,"
but just couldn't let him know?

Did you ever wonder where he is at night?
Maybe there's someone new.
One moment you are happy
the next moment you are blue.

So if you fall in love Dominique
you'll find it doesn't pay.
Though it causes broken hearts
it happens everyday.

And when it starts you'll never know
you'll worry day and night.
You just couldn't let him see you
it'll never turn out right.

Love is great but hurts so much
and the price you'll pay is high
If I choose between love and death
I think I'd rather die.

So if you fall in love Dominique
you'll be hurt, oh yes it's true
You see Dominique... I ought to know
'coz I fell in love with... You

Dominique Moceanu: All-Around Champ

Dominique Moceanu you're an all-around champ,
you go to the gym, you work on the tramp.
Flipping, flying, twisting, and more,
all you do is gymnastics galore.

Which is ok for me,
because I want you to see,
that I love gymnastics too.
I'm a gymnastic fan, Yay Hoo!!!

Oh if only I could meet you,
but what would I say?
"Dominique I love you!
you always make my day"

Then maybe we'd shake hands,
and you'd show me your smile.
I'd never wash my hands again,
at least not for a while.

Dominique Moceanu, you are my idol,
if I ever got a headache, I don't need a Midol.
You are my help, my absolute cure,
this is the truth, I know that for sure.

You go to competitions
with a look on your face.
It says "I know I'll do good,
I don't need to pace"

On the floor,
it's your tumbling that soars.
On the beam,
you perform for your dream.

On the bars,
you fly like speeding cars.
And on the vault,
Your Yurchenkos never hault.

Then comes the scores,
the very last part.
They roll out the medals,
On a beautiful blue cart.

The medal in your hand,
that you so somlemly hold,
is that beautiful color.
The color of gold.

Dominique Moceanu, you're the all around champ.
Who would've guessed you worked on the tramp?
That smile, the look on your face,
showed your had no reason, no reason to pace.

When it gets too dark,
to look at your medal,
you see it when you turn on your lamp,
Dominique Moceanu: All-Around Champ!


 Dominique, Dominique, Dominique,
you brighten up my life every day of the week.
With your smile, and with your joy,
you're always happy, oh wow, oh boy!

Every expression you get,
I get it just like you.
So, if you're crying,
I'm crying too.

You are the coolest,
the best of them all.
Even though,
you're not very tall.

Dominique Moceanu,
your name seems to shine.
Dominique Moceanu,
I wish it were mine.

You went to the Olympics.
I knew you'd do good.
You won a team gold.
I told ya you would.

Strug, Miller, Phelps, Dawes,
Chow, Borden, and you.
I wish I was,
part of the team too!

If I was your sister,
oh how that would be.
Bobbie Moceanu,
just you and me.

Well, this is the end.
It brought me great joy,
writing this for you.
Hope you enjoy.

Dominique Moceanu: Tumbling Through the World

Dominique Moceanu,
tumbling through the world.
Dominique Moceanu,
what a wonderful girl!

With her cutie-face-smile,
shown all around,
you'd surely agree,
she's the best in the town.

She went to the Olympics,
with the rest of the team.
And they did what was called,
the "Impossible Dream".

She made her own gym,
and her gym was called,
Moceanu Gymnastics Inc.
The best gym of all.

Dominique Moceanu,
tumbling through the world.
Dominique Moceanu,
what a awesome girl!

There's no one else like her,
not even close!
Just someone with her name,
but that is the most.

She's good on the floor.
She's good on the beam.
She's even better,
than the rest of the team!

She's also good on bars,
vault she's good on too.
Even though they're not her favorite,
she does them just for you.

Dominique Moceanu,
what a talented girl!
Dominique Moceanu,
tumbling through the world.

Previous 3 poems Copyright  by Bobbette

Written By: Kenneth Rose

Awakening the dawn, the sun and the moon,
Ravening the stars, the night of fortune,
The mighty force that pounces the night,
The way of the cover, the outset of light.
Everbrightening as the sun could be,
The soul of the realms of illusion and destiny.

When the stars rose and the torch was burned,
It was as though I was drawn to the light.
As your shadow brushed and your wings soared
I was taken away in your endearing flight.
Through the splendid grace and flawless execution,
I became the helot of every frolic and motion.

Never ruthless vigor nor violent coercion,
Could ever rattle the seat of passion.
In your bewildering eyes of hypnotic domination,
Exists the flaming light of dawn.
The stars flash in the heavens one by one,
The way night comes when the day is gone.

Tingled and twitched, with birds in the sky,
With graciousness of angels, before my eye;
With sea floors and cavities of the bottomless ocean,
I was the slave of your true emotion.
I saw a world that I never knew,
That world of Dominique Moceanu.

"My Love For You"
Written By: William E. Henley II

Hark, I thought I heard you calling,
but, when I answered, you did not reply.
I swore I could feel your presence,
but when I turned, there you were not.

In the fields I can still here you singing,
yet, it is nothing but the wind.
And I thought that I could feel your touch,
but it was just the old oak at my side.

As I walk through the fields where we once played,
and rest beneth the old oak where we met,
I can still hear your laughter,
and smell the freash spring in your hair.

Now, you have left me, to join your true love,
yet I'm not jealous, nor could I have been,
For your happiness means more to me
Than your being in my arms.

"To Dominique, With Love"
Written By: Doug Daniels

I sit in awe as I watch you perform,
Your moves and techniques are far from the norm.
I love the way that you smile on the floor,
When your routine is done, I'm left yearning for more.
Unparallel is your grace on the beam,
Again I'm amazed by how calm that you seem.
Cute as a button, small and petite,
A bundle of joy, that's you Dominique.

You're a ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day,
To meet you in person, any price I would pay.
Your eyes are enchanting, your face oh, so sweet,
Seeing you perform is the ultimate treat.
Your attitude is unlike any other on earth,
So happy and skilled, you were destined form birth.
With immeasurable talent, and a style so unique,
You're a ten in my eyes, yes you are Dominique.

I think you're a champion even when you don't win,
'Cause when I see you do your thing, I can't help but grin.
I admire your skill and your beauty as well,
You have fun competing, it's so easy to tell.
I watch you on TV whenever I can,
I guess you could say I'm your number one fan.
I think of you every single day of the week,
The most beautiful girl in the world:  Dominique.

With a face like yours, it's hard to deny,
You're attractive to practically every guy.
Your talent is grand and your courage is bold,
But it's your personality that brings home the gold.
When I'm feeling depressed or I have a bad day,
I take one look at you and the pain goes away.
May you fulfill each and every dream that you seek,
I'm with you all the way, I love you Dominique!

Written By: ??unknown??

My knees start to shake,
when you're in sight.
My mind's filled with wonder,
my heart with fright.

When will this feeling stop?
When did it start?
How can I listen to my mind,
Without breaking my heart?

I'm so confused.
What should I do?
I can't think of anything,
except of you.

 Should I ignore you?
 Or just give it time?
 I can't think straight,
my heart controls my mind!


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