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As you have probably heard, Dominique is sueing her parents and wants to be declared a legal adult.  I will try and keep up with all the new information on this page so that everyone can make a more informed opinion on this unfortunate situation.  Please put Dominique and her family into your prayers.

On Tuesday October 20 a court ordered that Dominiue's parent's not contact her after Dominique asks for a "divorce" from her parents.  She wants to be a legal adult and have control of her finances.  She says that her dad put too much pressure on her and made her his "business" instead of his daughter.  Dominique still says she loves her parents and hopes that after this is over they will be all the more stronger.  Her dad says she is just a child and that she is influenced by others in her actions.  He wants her to come home so they can work it out.  As of now (October 23) she is staying at an undeclosed place with friends.  Her parents want her to come home.  Her mom is in tears nearly constantly throughout the day.  A court date has been set for November 11.
    Dominique appeared on Dateline (Click for Transcript, Real Audio Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) October 26 to give her side of the story on national television.  On October 27 Dominique's dad was granted an emergency court hearing because he says his daughter's welfare and safety is not sufficient with the people who are watching over her.
    On October 27 Dominique Moceanu and her family met privately with their attorneys and have reached an agreement which will be submitted to a judge for approval tomorrow. All restraining orders have been lifted and final details are being worked out right now at the end of a 4 hour meeting.
    On October 28, Dominique and her parents met in court to finalize the agreement.  Mr. Moceanu had to be asked several times if he agreed, and eventually he gave a soft yes while in tears and signed the papers legalizing Dominique's adulthood.
    On November 30, new news has been released.  Dominique has filed a protective order against her father.  She says he has been stalking her.  The Houston Police had investigated possible murder plots by her father against her friends, but no evidence was found.
    On December 8, Dominique was granted a permanent 1 year restraining order from her father.  Her father allegedly had planned to hire someone to murder her coach and friend, Brian Huggins.

Scanned image of article from the Houston Chronicle- Part 1 and Part 2.

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