History of Updates

January 21, 2002- The Pictures have been fixed, and the counter reads over 325,000 visitors!

August 10, 2001- A Dominique CD is now available for purchase!

December 25, 2000- Added poem on poem page and updated the introduction to the site to reflect the passing of the Sydney Olympics and the fact that Dominique is now 19. (Wow! she was only 14 when I began this page!) Sorry for not updating a lot recently, but I've been busy with school. Look for new things in the future as Dominique decides whether she wants to continue in gymnastics and try for another Olympics! :) Also please vote for my site as Fan Page of the Year at this LINK. Thank you so much for your support!

August 17, 2000- Added page on Dominique's withdrawl from the Olympic Trials and a way to contact her to show her you care.

July 29, 2000- Added a message that many updates will come as the Olympics approach.  Bookmark this site and check back often to see all the new stuff about Dominique!  Also fixed some of the pictures on the picture page.  Enjoy! =)

March 6, 2000- Added a message about All Advantage.

January 26, 2000- Added a link to Dominique's official site. (but you can still visit this site as often as you would like =) And an article about Dominique missing the cut for a training camp.

December 31, 1999- Finally there is something to update. =)  Dominique is moving to Cincinnati.  Also, I moved added some articles and news that I hadn't already added.  Today is the 3 year anniversary of the day I started the counter on the main page!  It's been a long time, but I've enjoyed it.  For those of you have been coming here for a long time, check out the "original" version of this page.  Finally, there is a very special contest I've started.  Check it all out! :) Somewhere around 222,000 hits.

October 17, 1999- Many of the pages were not working, due to a problem with Geocities.  I took care of the problem, so all the pages should load fine now (and faster too!).  I updated the TV schedule and the Contact page.  Be sure to check them out. =)

October 1, 1999- Added a Message to all the visitors to this page.  There has been over 200,000 hits since December 31, 1996.  Thanks to everyone who has visited.  Also there are new article links on the Message page.

June 15, 1999- Not much has been going on with Dominique lately.  She was in Oklahoma last week for Shannon Miller's wedding to Chris Phillips. Pictures are here.

April 15, 1999- Added two important "news" items!  One is having to do with the settlement between Dominique and her father and the other is info on a free pic of Dominique you can get.

April 6, 1999- Added a dream, link, and some news.

March 17, 1999- Added a new section- The Olympic Training Center.  This is where Dominique is training at right now.  Also, a new link to a great Message Board.

February 18, 1999- Updated the Comeback in Texas and added two articles from USA Today.

February 4, 1999- Updated two sections, Comeback in Texas and News from GymMom.  Be sure to check them out!

January 17, 1999- A lot of updates today.  I added a few links, added a poem, added more news, added a new section title Comeback in Texas, updated What's Up?, updated TV schedule, added News from GymMom section, made major updates to the Video section,and fixed main page a little.

December 31, 1998- Added Happy New Years message, and on the two year bithday of this site there is 132,064 hits. =)  Thanks for visiting everybody!

December 16, 1998- Added some links, more Talk Back comments, and an article. I have a lot more to add, I just haven't had time to put it together yet.

December 1, 1998- Added an article about Dominique's protection suit, and a real audio file.

November 11, 1998- Added National Enquirer story.  I've thought of a new section that I'll probably be adding sometime soon.  Stay tuned! =)

November 3, 1998- Added many new comments to the Talk Back section, added more articles to the Turmoil in Texas section and introduced a new picture section.

October 27, 1998- Added many things to the "Turmoil in Texas" section, including a transcript and Real Audio files of the interview.  Received news that an Agreement had been reached.  Details to come as soon as I can get them!

October 25, 1998- Added many opinions to the Talk Back section of "Turmoil in Texas".

October 23, 1998- Started section called "Turmoil in Texas".  This website reached 100,000 hits since its conception today.  Thanks to everyone who has visited!

October 21, 1998- Added scanned article of Dominique in the Houston paper. Part 1 and Part 2.

October 6, 1998- Added new pictures.  They are a new type of pictures and are of the 1998 Rock and Roll Championships.

September 25, 1998- Added 3 links, and cleaned up the TV page.

September 11, 1998- Added 1 great poem, 6 links, 3 dreams.

August 27, 1998- Added pictures from Day 2 of the 1998 Nationals.

August 23, 1998- Added pictures from Day 1 of the 1998 Nationals.  Dominique placed 3rd.

August 19, 1998- I added a 1998 National Championships page, it has a lot of information about the competition, so be sure to check it out!

August 12, 1998- I'm back from the Olympic Training Center.  I had a wonderful time!  Today I added 3 sets of pictures- Dominique on Extra!, Goodwill Games, and the Goodwill Games wrapup show.  In case you hadn't heard, Dominique won the all-around gold medal!  More to come very soon!

July 11, 1998- Added a letter for everyone to read that includes some important news.  Be sure to watch the Goodwill Games coming up.  A TV schedule is here.

July 1, 1998- Added the Buy a Book! section, be sure to sign the letter to Dominique if you haven't already!

June 10, 1998- Added 2 links.

June 9, 1998- Added a new section so that you can send Dominique a good luck wish for Nationals.

June 6, 1998- Started the News section, updated the TV schedule- it now includes all of the Goodwill Games coverage of gymnastics.

May 25, 1998- Updated the link to the message board- it is now located here.

May 23, 1998- Added pictures of Day 1 and Day 2 of the ERA Championships, added two poems, 2 experiences, 1 AWESOME picture on the fan page (I think it's the best one ever made), cleaned up TV page and added one scheduled TV program.  Also I cleaned up some dead links and added 7 more.

April 10, 1998-  Added 2 dreams, a poem, and a quote on the main page. Enjoy!

March 19, 1998-  Fixed most all of the pictures.  All of the old pictures now work, and the ones that are "different from the ones below" should be working within a week or so.  Added pics from 1995 Rock and Roll Championship.  In all I fixed over 430 picture links.

March 8, 1998-  Added a divider on the main page between the styles and destinations.  Also did a little work on the TV and merchandise pages.

March 1, 1998-  Introduced new design.  Let me know what you think.  Finished Merchandise page, and added a whole bunch of articles and/or article page numbers.  The videos will be going down for a while- sorry about this inconvenience.

February 2, 1998-  Added two links, and 2 sets of pictures.  They are from the JH tour, and the 1996 Rock and Roll Championships., and one experience from Alicia.

January 30, 1998-  Added another set of pictures.  They are the Mag 7 Made in America pictures of Dominique.  They are different from the first set brought to you in November.

January 26, 1998-  Made extreme updates to the video page.  There are now lots and LOTS of videos to see and best of all most of them actually work!  The previews are cool they take VERY little time to start viewing.  Thanks goes to William for helping me with the page!

January 24, 1998-  Added the Accomplishments section.  Maybe you'll learn something you didn't already know. =)

January 16, 1998-  Added pictures for a new set of the 1997 International Team Championships.  Thanks goes to William for them.

January 15, 1998-  Added pictures from the Oprah Winfrey Show and added one picture to the fan page.

January 13, 1998-  Added an important message about Dominique's soon-to-be appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, deleted the two chat things I had because they were not getting enough visitors for it to be a fun place to go, added one dream, and added one experience.  I plan on getting started on the other parts of the page that aren't finished soon.

January 6, 1998-  Changed a bit of the words on the main page, added a picture on the Fan page, changed the table on the John Hancock information page, updated the contact page, updated whats up, updated TV schedule.

January 2, 1998-  Added a couple dreams, 10 new links, a poem, and I fixed the frame so it points to the right Sound page.  Sorry for taking so long on that one.

December 31, 1997-  Added One Year Happy Birthday announcement to this page.  It's been fun and I hope you've enjoyed it as much as me.  At 5:00PM there were 33,038 hits to this page.  I think that's great.  My goal is 50,000 more this coming year.

December 29, 1997-  Added the remaining pages in the 1997 John Hancock Tour Book.  There are also a few pictures at the end you should check out.

December 28, 1997-  Updated entire picture section.  All pictures and links should now be working.

December 24, 1997-  Added pictures from the John Hancock show on ESPN, change geocities banner on every single page on this site, added 3 poems.  Merry Christmas!

November 24, 1997-  Added pictures from the 1997 Battle of the Sexes show on ESPN, changed the thing to subscribe to newsletter.

November 16, 1997-  Added pictures from the Magnifent 7- Made in America show, Superstar Gymnastics show, 1997 Rock and Roll Gymnastics Championships, 5-7-9 modeling pictures, added 3 experiences, added 2 links, cleaned up TV Schedule, added 6 TYPED Articles to the Mega Articles section (The typed ones have "new" by them), update What's Up, and added about 8 Dreams.

October 24, 1997-  Added Message Board!, tidied up main page, added new subscription to the newsletter, the rest of the John Hancock Tour Book is soon to come.

October 19, 1997-  Added John Hanock Tour Book, added NBC John Hancock Tour pics, updated picture page, updated left frame, updated What's Up?, many renovations ahead. :-)

October 9, 1997-  Updated TV schedule.  Be up-to-date on all these programs having to do with Dominique and gymnastics.

October 8, 1997-  Added Frequently Asked Questions.

October 6, 1997-  Added information to Biography section.  Very interesting.

October 5, 1997- Added the first 3 dreams to the Dream page. Check them out!

September 29, 1997- Added Sports Illustrated for Kids Show pictures, added a birthday message for Dominique's Sweet 16th tommorrow.

September 26, 1997- Started the What's Up page, started the John Hancock Tour Page.

September 20, 1997-  Started string of major updates.  Added a new left frame and will begin to create the pages that go along with it.  Updated Articles.  Added 10 Links.

August 31, 1997- Added Day 2 pictures of 1997 Nationals.  Soon to come, Day 1.  Also, much more in the VERY near future.

August 27, 1997- I am really sorry I have not been updating this page lately. I have been doing a lot of behind the scene work for this page, but not it is just about finished, so expect more pictures, a better layout, and much MUCH more! Thank-you for your patience.

July 30, 1997- MEGA ARTICLES! Also Important added.  More to come!

July 28, 1997- 2 more sets of pictures!  Bet you haven't seen ALL of them yet!

July 20, 1997- Videos are now updated.  Go and download them today!

July 13, 1997- Tidied things up a bit, stay tuned for major updates on the AVI's and the Articles.

July 10, 1997-  New font starting to be used.  Added more links.  One new AVI, many more to come!

July 3, 1997- on July 6th ESPN wil rerun the ITC competition. AND on July 8th ESPN will rerun the 1996 Rock-n-Roll Championships. If you missed out before don't miss it again!!!

June 13, 1997- Updated Links and now you can fill out a form to add your own link!

May 31, 1997- Posted information about AVI's not working, added and fixed pictures that were not working. 3 new sets of pictures ready for your viewing pleasure here. Soon to come- a lot more articles!

May 12, 1997- Sorry for not updating lately and sorry about the Picture problem. I will be able to fix it all by May 20, 1997 but can't right now because I am getting ready to do a really important triathlon race in Columbia, Maryland this weekend. Thanks for understanding!

May 5, 1997- Added 2 picture sections. Ricki Show and 1997 International Team Championships, added no frames version of page

April 28, 1997- Updated TV schedule, Video's, added 3 Did You Know's?.

April 28, 1997- Updated TV schedule, Video's, added 3 Did You Know's?.

April 22, 1997- Added an Awesome Link, soon to come- new pictures

April 20, 1997- Added 9 more Did You Know's, go and read them all again today!

April 19, 1997- Added more Did You Know's, Articles, updated TV section, added a history of updates, and a link.

April 12, 1997- Added an article on the article section.

April 7, 1997- Added some new links.

March 29, 1997- Finally have that section I was promising ready to go. It is entitled "Did You Know...?". Go and check it out today!