*What's Up?!?!*


Well, I just finished making a lot of updates to the page, so I hope you enjoy them.  I was going through the pages, and I noticed I hadn't updated this specific one in over a year.  So what exactly is up?  Dominique appears to have come a long way since the start of her court struggles.  Lets hope that she can come back stronger than ever and win gold in Sydney.  It might just be the perfect ending to a rocky career.  I'm sorry I haven't updated things in a while.  I've been busy, but I think I'll be able to keep up better now.  Be sure to tell everyone about this page, and come back often! =)  Some people may not know, but I DO have a message board, and it is actually pretty good.  It is at http://www.kathyloperevents.com/dm/index.cgi If you follow gymnastics very much, you probably know Vanessa Atler.  Anyway, she and her mom visit and post on the board occasionally.  There are lots of other people there already, so if you want to learn a thing or two just go there. =)  I want to start adding all the page awards I've won to that page.  I have had a lot, but probably won't be able to add them all because I've lost some of them in my email.  If you want to email me an award my address is triryan2000@yahoo.com   I'll also be fixing the video section really soon.  Be sure to send me anything you might want me to add to the Fan Tribute section.  And if you have any ideas or suggestions email.  Hope everyone has a great new year!


Hello Everybody!!  I think I'm kinda straying away from the purpose of this section, so I'll try to not talk about me so much. =)  I'm in the process of fixing things on the page... some of the stuff is really out dated.  Who knows- Dominique might actually come here someday, so I want it to look the best it can- I don't want it to look like I'm obsessed or anything, and I also don't want it to look like trash. :-)  A lot of you have emailed me saying that some of the Did You Know's are wrong... this might very well be so, but I just have to go by what the resources I have.  So sorry about that.  That section was just a fun one I invented, and I hope you still get a lot out of it.  I hope you all enjoyed the JH tour as well, I missed out because they cancelled the Oklahoma City stop.  For those of you that can't get the music to work, either your browser doesn't support Javascript or you need to get a midi player- you can download a free one called Crescendo here.  I hope everyone has a great new year and remember to think positive and stay happy in all that you do and your dreams WILL happen.  Okay, I gotta go now- have to go drive to swim practice.  Got up at 5:30 to ride my bike 32.5 miles, so I'm ready to go to bed already.  But that will happen soon enough.  I'll end this with a two little sayings I found- "It's always too soon to quit.", "You can if you think you can. Engrave those seven words deeply in your consciousness.  They are packed with power and with truth."


Sorry for not updating in a LONG time.  I've been working on the page a lot behind the scenes, and today I just threw at you a lot of what I've been working on.  I hope you enjoy it.  I'm going to try and get most of the things I have in the left frame completed by the end of the year.  My goal was 30,000 hits for this year, and I'm pretty sure I'll get it thanks to you all! ;-)  Now a note on me-  I got sick really close to our Regional and State Cross Country meets, so I didn't do as well as I wanted to.  I got 5th at Regionals I think, and I got 7th at the State Meet.  I was going really good the 1st two miles (right at 10:30 if I remember right) and was in 3rd place, then I just couldn't breath worth a darn and dropped back a lot.  Had I not been going for the win, I might have done better... but I believe in going for what you think you can do and not to hold anything back.  Now I'm getting to running a little better and ran about a 17:13 at the State USATF Junior Olympic race in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past weekend.  It would have definately been under 17:00 (PR is 16:47) had it been on a road and not on tall grass that you sank into because it was wet :-).  I'm pretty much done with all of my races this year.  Now it's a long about 4 months of base training, then I'll start up again in around April doing Triathlons.  I'm trying to make the Junior "A" Team again this year, and I'm pretty sure I will.  I should have made this year, but had a couple of bad races that prevented me from qualifying.  "When" :-) I make it next year I'll get an all-expense paid trip to Lusuanne, Switzerland for the World Championships.  The World's this year were in Perth, Australia.  For the results go here for the Junior Males.  I can bike and run faster than almost all the USA guys, it's just the swimming that kills me.  But I'll be doing a lot better in swimming come April next year, and surely that will qualify me for the trip and a 3 week camp at the Olympic Training Center in San Diego for FREE.  Okay, that's it for now... Enjoy everything I got updated!!!

Whoaaa!!!  What a great Fall Break I just had.  Lots of things happened.  First, I had a chance to catch up a bit on this page, I've held a few of the new things back, but most are up and ready for your viewing.  It spoil the surprise if I gave it to you all at once, right? ;-)  Anyway, I'll try and get as much done as I can.  I hardly ever have school work to do, but with the swimming, biking, and running I do, it's tough to keep caught up on everything.  That brings me to the 2nd good thing about this 4 day break.  On Saturday I won our Conference Cross Country Meet.  I was so glad because I had hurt my knee and hadn't been able to run for like a week and a half, but I got back into top form in just one week.  I ran my fastest time ever with a 15:35 for 3 miles.  That equivilates to about a 16:09 5K.  Just regionals and state to go the next 2 weeks.  After that's over, I'll surely have a little bit more time on my hands to update.  Wish me luck!  I'm looking for the win.  Untill next time...

Hello!  Well, this is the first page I'll update today.  It's a brand new section on my page and I hope it helps me communicate with everyone of you easier.  First off, I am not Dominique Moceanu.  For some reason, some people write me emails as if I were her.  I don't mind that, but you might want to know you were sending email to the wrong person.  ;-)  To be honest, I'm so far behind in providing you up-to-date information, it's pretty sad. :-(  I hope with all the new updates to come, that problem will be solved.  I'll try and work on the page as much as possible this weekend.  In case you wanted to know why it's hard for me to update during the week, here's why-  First I get up usually around 5:30 A.M. and go run or bike untill 7:00, then I get ready for school and eat breakfast and drive the whole 1/4 of a mile to school. :-)  Then there is school untill 2:15 P.M. for me.  At that time, I usually do homework, or do whatever I did not do in the morning (run, bike about 1:30).  On Tuesadays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I have to leave town at about 3:45 to make it on time to swim practice at 5:15.  I have that untill 7:00, then I get to drive the long drive back home, and usually am home by 8:30 P.M.  I look at my email really quick and then I go to bed. WHEWW... made me tired just thinking about it. :-)  That's not everyday, but you can see I do get kinda busy, and errr... I have to find time for homework too. :-)  Well, this is getting kind of long, so I have to go now.  Stay tuned for many more updates!