Trish from Oz

Hey there now, do you have my genes?

If you have a connection to the surnames Prendergast or Gough 

in Tipperary or Waterford or

  Knight, Cowlyn or Collis in the UK ..................please email me


1/12/1910          25/6/2002

Dorothy Gladys (Doll) Prendergast (or Grandma as she was affectionately known by all and sundry) was born a proud Cockney, in London on 1st December 1910.

Doll was the third born of a family of 9 to Emily and Charles Knight. She was brought up in times of adversity as many of her generation were and survived the two world wars.

Doll married Tom Prendergast of County Tipperary in London in 1941 they had 5 children born in England, and in 1950 came to Australia to the small village of Butlers Gorge in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. What a contrast this must have been for Doll who was used to the big city of London.

Doll had two more children, one of which (Eileen) died at 4 years of age.

She was a caring and devoted mother who always put her children first and welcomed all their friends, which were many and would always find an extra meal for whoever happened to turn up.

She worked hard all her life and for many years the only break away from home was when she took the children with her when she went hop picking.

Doll came to Hobart to live in 1969 and from that time she spent many years looking after her grandchildren, who now number 18 and 15 great grandchildren with another due in a few weeks.

Doll travelled interstate regularly to spend time with her daughters, she made her last plane trip at the grand old age of 89.

When Doll turned 90 she was surprised that her family threw a party to celebrate her 90th birthday Ė in her own words she said "I didnít know you made a fuss of your 90th I thought it was only for your 21st"

Dollís passing is a great loss to all her family and friends, she will be sadly missed.