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This Website has been shut down due to the lack of albino badgers and linkin park's songs. so, if you really want to go to me website, then go on

Who the hell is mr. McRich, he is giving one of my friends grief, which makes him give me greif which isnt very nice so tell me now who the hell you are man. youre scaring my friend.

Linkin park rule.
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Name: Hridai Trivedy
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the website of  the Trivedy family of  Lakhanka, Nairobi and Wembley, created by hridai and vipool trivedy. featuring all members of the trivedy family- himatlal, muktaba, muktaben, harshadrai trivedy, harshadbhai, harshad, ramesh, rajni, rajnikant, pushker, sharad, hansa, mradula,usha, kokila, parita, bindu,  manish, vipool, prajesh,chetan, bijal, meena trivedy, kishan, ami, janki, trivedy.
        Hridai Trivedy
        last edited- October 2003