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Welcome to the New Home for Trivia 4 Fun!

Hi Everyone!
The New URL and Final URL has finally been established! lol Took some time in doing so to, sorry about that. The Trivia 4 Fun Website and IRC will be here at Permanently. So you may now Book mark any of the pages here you like. The MSg Board URL will change though, But that'wont happen for another day or so.. But anyways. .Click here to Play(Webtv)!
Got Several Pic's Up, Let's see there's Deaniek, and bsm62!
So, What Are You Waiting For??? Go Look!! NOW!!!.
Want to be one of them, and have others see who you really are behind that tv/moniter? Send your pic to! Please Put "Pics" in the subject line!
You Can even Check out Our Op's an Higher Up's on the Pic Page! Click Here!

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