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Welcome to #Trivia-Addicts home on the net.

If you don't know about us as yet, this is a brief intro to what we are about.

#Trivia-Addicts is a channel that is found on the Undernet network on IRC

We run a competitive game of trivia for all ages to enjoy thanks to Gitarman.

Questions range from general knowledge, music, movies & all genre's in between.

We love the challange as well as meeting the new people who join in.

When you come in please be patient with some of the questions, some may be easy & some that will be all but

impossible to answer, but that is the fun of trivia & you may just learn something in the process.

Everyone is welcome to stay, but as with anything else, troublesome people cause us to enforce certain rules

When playing trivia don't be shy, jump right in.

Our channel is not only trivia, it is also a good place to just relax & chat with new & old friends alike.

Ynotbot is the trivia for the channel which is run by IRC`Wolf.

If ever Ynotbot is missing, Orrid will take its place which is run by deedo.

Please remember, this is a free service for all to enjoy.

Our channel is open 24/7 with non stop trivia.

Can't sleep?..then come on in..on your way to work?..come on in..anytime you want to play..we are here.

Our trivia keeps track of your weekly & monthly score which can be seen by typing;

!top10 for the weeks top 10 players

!topmonth for the top 10 monthly players

Try to keep the same nick if you can, or the trivia bot will not reconize you, so it can't track your scores accurately.

Other commands available to users are;

!pingme which will ping you & tell you at the same time the server trivia bot is using & how to get there.

!won nick (nick being yours) will show you your weekly stats.

Enjoy your time with us.

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