Heresy Guild


Welcome to our mini-site! If you are here, you are either already in the guild Heresy, on the World of Warcraft server Llane, or you're interested in joining us! Please take the time to read over all of our rules before filling out our application, which you will find at the bottom of this page!

Our current schedule is as follows:
Monday 7:30 to 11/11:30 EST
Tuesday - 7:30 to 11/11:30 EST
Wednesday - 7:30 to 11/11:30 EST
Thursday - 7:30 to 11/11:30 EST

We Currently Raid 10 Man Naxxaramas, Vault of Archavon and Obsidian Sanctum, and are working on Malygos. We occasionally do the Heroic, or 25 man versions of these raids as well if we have the people online. We are currently recruiting in hopes of becoming a strictly 25 man raiding guild.

We are currently recruiting the following:
Mages / Warlocks / Any Spec Druid / Any Spec Shaman

We aren't necessarily hardcore, Ideal applicants would be at a similar level in attitude, skill, and experience. You should be able to give logical reasons behind certain gear and stat choices made. You should be quite knowledgeable in the many aspects of your class.

Be sure to consider:
- Having a working ventrilo, as all essential raid communication is done through this (a microphone is not required, but is a big plus!)
- The use of appropriate addons for raid performance including BigWigs/DBM, Omen, any other class/role enhancers
- We are a mature guild; language and conversational topics may not always be in the best of taste (however topics concerning drugs, pornography, or disrespect towards another guild member are not allowed)
- Being able to make consistent, punctual attendance for at least 75% (3/4 days) of scheduled raids and have the responsibility to notify us if an issue comes up and you will not be able to attend
- Being self-sufficient for inevitable repairs, consumables and gold (the guild bank can provide some treats at fixed pricing; there should be no reason to be unprepared)We do not require consumables on 10 mans, although they do help, but they will be required for 25 mans!
- We expect you to know about your class, and to do everything you can to be at your best, that includes hit caps, proper gems, and enchants. You are also expected to work on gear outside of raids, do not expect acceptance into the guild or raids if you don't take the time to do so.
- The meaning of patience, cooperation and dedication

If you are accepted into the guild, you will be promoted to a "New Recruit" rank for several weeks. This is considered the "Evaluation" period, you will have no loot priority over our members or raiders at this time. Our raid leaders will do their best to include you in our raids to gain a fair impression of you. Once this trial period is up, or once the officers and raid leaders decide you deserve the promotion, you will either be promoted to "Member" rank or "Raider" rank, if we feel that you are a good fit, or you just might not be, in which case you may possibly be removed. You may even decide that we are not what you are looking for either, in which case, we wish you the best of the luck in your future endeavors.

All applications are looked at; all are examined with careful scrutiny by our leader and officers. Be prepared for questions, and criticism. Please do not feel offended if your application is ultimately rejected; we simply do not have a place for you at this time.

Our Loot System, is simple, the raid leader at the time will link a piece of loot from a boss. You will either type "Main" or "Off" in raid chat. Main meaning the spec you currently and usually raid as, off meaning an off spec that you do not raid as. Whether or not you will receive the piece of loot is determined by a few factors such as: Your raid attendance, your performance, and your willingness to help the guild, your fellow guild mates and the guild bank, and of course whether or not you've already received a piece of loot that raid night in that particular instance. Occasionally it will come down to a /roll if the raid leader and officers cannot come to a decision as to who deserves the piece of loot more. We find this system works much better than DKP and we have had no complaints thus far.

Best of luck! If you any other questions or comments regarding recruitment to Heresy, feel free to contact Tormentas, Naitomea or Doommidget in-game.

Please fill out all questions in full before hitting the submit button (only once!), your application will be emailed to the GM and the officers will carefully consider it before getting back to you in game! Thanks again