ladies of rock photo archive. sorta.
ladies of the rock and roll
yes, photos of just rocking ladies. why? i have plenty of photos of fellas rocking out too. why? why not? i just felt like it. this is just a slice of a ton of photos i've taken at shows over the years, but these are some of my favorites/the better ones. if you wanna use something please ask. email is the helium song in this web address [the word after the geocities dot com part] at all photos open in a new window.
Bikini Kill @Black Cat, WDC, October 1995
Blonde Redhead @Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC November 1997
                         Kazu One, Kazu Two, Kazu Three
Bratmobile @Black Cat, WDC, March 2001
the Breeders @the Ottobar, Baltimore, MD, February 2002
-->new!-->Cake Like, Kerri Kinney, @Indie Rock Flea Market, Arlington, VA, August 1995
-->new!-->Containe, Fontaine Toups, @Black Cat, Washington, DC, August 1995
the Donnas @Black Cat, WDC, March 2001
                  one two
Erase Errata @ladyfestdc, Black Cat, WDC August 2002
-->new!-->                      one two three
Christina Files @ladyfestdc, Black Cat, WDC, August 2002
Flin Flon, Nattles, @Black Cat, WDC, February2002
Juliana Hatfield @the Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC, November 1998                                 one two
-->new!-->         @Club IOTA, Arlington, VA, September 2002
the Hissyfits @ladyfestmidwest, Chicago, IL, August 2001
Loraxx, Arista Sturgis, @ladyfestmidwest, Chicago, IL, August 2001
Barbara Manning, sister Teri, @ladyfestmidwest, Chicago, IL, August 2001
the Naysayer @ladyfestdc, Black Cat, WDC August 2002
                     one two
the Need @ladyfestmidwest, Chicago, IL, August 2001
               one two three
the Norman Mayer Group, @Black Cat, WDC, February 1996
the Operators @Troubador Balcony, Philly, PA, July 2001
-->new!-->the Pacific Ocean, Connie Lovatt, @Now Music and Fashion, Arlington, VA February 2002
-->new!-->Quix*o*tic, Christina Billotte, @Recher Theater, Baltimore, MD, October 2002
the Rondelles, Juliet Swango, @Black Cat, WDC, December 1998
Scarce, Joyce Raskin, @9:30 Club, WDC, November 1994
the Selby Tigers, Arzu D2, @Black Cat, WDC, March 2001
Slant 6, Christina Billotte, @Black Cat, WDC, October 1995
Sleater-Kinney, Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, @Black Cat, WDC, March 1998
-->new!--> Carrie Brownstein@Recher Theater, Baltimore, MD, October 2002
-->new!-->the Softies, Rose Melberg, @Black Cat, Washington, DC, August 1995
Superchunk, Laura Ballance, @Black Cat, WDC, February 2001
Syrup USA, Seana Carmody, @Black Cat, WDC, November 1997
Fontaine Toups @Black Cat, WDC, February 2002
-->new!--> Tsunami, Jenny Toomey, Kristin Thompson (9 mos pregnant!) @ladyfestdc, Black Cat, WDC August 2002
Tuscadero, Melissa Farris, @Black Cat, WDC, January 1995
Shannon Wright @Black Cat, WDC, February 2001
                        @Go! Studios, Carrboro, NC, February 2001
                        one two three four
                        @Black Cat, WDC, October 2001
Versus, Fontaine Toups, @Black Cat, WDC, January 1995
Veruca Salt, Louise Post, @Black Cat, WDC, July 1994
-->new!-->Victory at Sea, Mona Elliott, @Ottobar, Baltimore, MD, February 2002

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