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Welcome to the Eaton family home page.
Here you can learn all about us, or keep informed
about what's new with us as our lives progress.

Each section below is divided for easy reference.
One page for my wife. One page for the kids. One page for me.

About us:
There are four of us in our lovely family.
Tracy, me also known as the Trixter, then Julie and then the two kids Alex and Eirik.
Julie and I have been married 11 years as of June, 2001.
We have lived in and around Greeley during our marriage.

Here are some links to pages of our interests and hobbies.
Feel free to look around.

Here is our trip to Starfest 2004

Here is what we did one year for Holloween. In our opinion this holiday is better that x-mass.

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