Rachel And The Preciouses

Uh how do you say? Chinqui and welcome to the Rachel and the Preciouses webpage. As you can see your leader has gotten her act together and fixed the links. I'm sorry I am so busy.

Well in other news, I think that I am going to win the lottery in the next 3 or 4 weeks so that would only help to spread the word of Rachel and the Preciouses to the masses who have not been saved with our musak! Please help this cause. If you own a webpage, please link to mine. You can rip off the logo at the top of the page if you wish.

Tonight I just brainstormed a song about peeing in public. It was born of necessity.

Also I will be posting pictures, as was suggested by Carolyn the one and only lady, and also pictures of the CD covers. I am trying to book an interview with Nardwar. Those in Canada know of whom I speak. We'll see how we go. Do do a lo do.....

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Gutten TAUG all ye preciouses                                          December 15, 2004

no no nno no its Christmas again! did you make my Christmas list? you all did because I am blasting you with a SPANKING NEW SONG! this is better than Oprah's Bus of Wildest Dreams Come True! The new song is entitled ..... are you ready?....i don't know if you can handle this jelly.....are you sure? ......okay.....fine......ARE YOU SOUR GRAPES? Yeah you know that this one has really made it. Check the lyrics section to get the full dl yo!

All I want for Christmas is a mike to record my songs to share with the world. Anyways Toronto is cool right now.  A bit cold but still cool. Still planning on winning the lottery. okay check you preciouses later okay? comes to my website?
What iiiiiiiipppp Preciouses?                                          FebRuary 9, 2005
So it's FebRuary and that means the month of amour (love for all you non-francophones) so I have written a song about love and it is in the lyrics page if you want to chchcheck it out.

We have a new member as well.....WELCOME JAN ( its pronounced yan for you peeps who no know Jan) now extending members from Australia to Toronto to California and British Columbia.  We should change our name to Transnational Rachel and the Preciouses, but its too late because that would confuse the fans. Anyways Jan will be playing the "Old Whiskey Bottle with the XXX on it" instrument.

Feb 12 - Toronto @ The Phoenix
Feb 20 - Collingwood @ Blue Mountain
Tickets are $7 Contact me: insubordinate_rachel@hotmail.com