Angela and Melissa: Floating around in thongs.


  EXTRA EXTRA! Two friends NOT talking.  

Hey crew!
I'm still in Kansas, me and Angela aren't talking, i broke up with my boyfriend, what else is there to say, really?
Quote of the day: "I did nothing and it was everything I dreamed it could be." Ron Livingston, Office Space

Shake them haters off!


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Highschool- Hobbies: None. Sports: None Honors: None- ah... the memories

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        A New Summer (the way we were)
by Adrianne Maverson
      The smell of fresh cut grass
and chlorine, and the hose-water taste.
The filthy, callused feet.
The dark brown skin and sun-bleached hair.
Children's games of cavemen and cowboys and Indian princesses.
The innocent guessing and giggling
The wondering, the excitement
And the unknown.


Lecia, Sandra, Krys, the Suzis, Luke, Tara Beara, Sina Beana, Benji, Vanessa, Katy, Cole, Reuben, Jessika, Shan, Sara, Krista, And all you weird dudes that come on here! Me and angie love you ever so much!!!

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