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TIME Magazine Offers Online Articles

TIME magazine online,, has an extensive archive available online. A quick search of "Nickel Plate Road" reveals several interesting articles. Some articles of note deal with the Van Sweringen brothers attempt to fold several railroads into a Greater Nickel Plate Road and create a three-system eastern railroading empire. Check it out.

Quoting:   The Nickel Plate Railway system will have total assets of about $1,500,000,000, total trackage of 14,357 miles, and be the fourth largest trunk line railroad system between the Atlantic and the Mississippi, ranking after its chief competitors—the New York Central, the Pennsylvania and the B. & O.

Farewell - You may have noticed that Yahoo! is closing Geocities on October 26, 2009. This site will cease. It has been 10+ years of following the 765 on her road to recovery. I'd like to congratulate the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society,, on a job well done! Since FWRHS has given rebirth to 765 and is now providing great communication, I will not attempt to move this site but, rather, let it whither on the vine.

Ten years has been a long time. There were times when I did not feel that anything was happening. Still, FWRHS did it. They stuck it all out and completed the project. I wanted to see 765 running again and I set out to provide information to all the others who did, too. Well, it's over. This site will not least in it's current form. Any future endevour will be much larger in scale and provide much more dynamic content with a larger feature list. Still, I'm not convinced it is even needed, anyway. Everyone is doing such a wonderful job these days. Ten years ago, that wasn't exactly the case. Information was stagnant, old, or just not getting out. Today, everyone has learned the value of information dissemination.

Thanks, and good luck 765!


See, I Told You So

I feel a little like Rush Limbaugh when I say, "See, I told you so." My last article spoke of the Nickel Plate Railroad Historical & Technical Society's registering of the phrase "Nickel Plate Road". I also mentioned that this was most likely done to protect the phrase from non-flattering use by other groups or corporations or its use stacked with exorbanent usage fees that would stifle the use of the term. Let's be realistic, the NKP was a small railroad but it is amazingly well represented in todays railroad literature, video, and modeling. This is due almost entirely, in my opinion, to the work of the NKPHTS over the last several decades. Had the Nickel Plate Road phrase been registered by some other organization, it is far more likely that you would not see the NKP represented today as it is. This just re-itterates the forward thinking of the NKPHTS.

Well, my suspicions were confirmed. Besides scouring the US Trademark catalog and the NKPHTS website for my information, I now have confirmation from a NKPHTS member directly. Yes, the registering of the phrase was indeed a purely protective measure. In fact, as previously reported, the NKPHTS has not even placed a useage fee on the phrase. Model companies are free to use the term without being burdened further by huge costs of useage which some active railways have done in the past. (Hence the absence of Union Pacific Railroad from Microsoft's initial release of Microsoft Train Simulator.) Still, the NKPHTS organization reserves the right to enforce useage terms. That is, the organization can protect the way in which the term is utilized. No one will be able to apply the term to any maligning product or company. (Be sure to visit the website for the latest usage rights and requirements.)

While I never doubted the intent of the Nickel Plate Historical & Technical Society's intent when registering the phrase, I did mention that some might easily mistake the true intent and that is why I wrote the article. Although some saw criticism in the article, the fact that I spelled out clearly that I did not believe the NKPHTS organization would ever do anything to stifle the propogation of the Nickel Plate Road fell to the wayside. Still, I maintain that the NKPHTS is one of the finest, if not the finest, railroad historical preservation groups. Again, proof of this is the prolific numbers of NKP items availabe to the fan today. Additionally, the NKPHTS continues to put out its own top-caliber products to its membership, who remain active and prolific as well.

So, let it go without saying from this day forward that I would never say that the NKPHTS is less than top-notch. Sadly, I felt I had made this patently clear from the beginning of this site. As a NKP fan who was born after the corporate demise of the Nickel Plate corporation, let me publicly thank the NKPHTS and all its membership for all their work over the decades. Without the work of these fine people, I would not have access to the wealth of NKP knowledge available today. So, even though I told you so, I am happy to tell you so, again.

Nickel Plate Road is a registered trademark of the Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society.


765 to Ride the Rails in '09

In 1993, I witnessed the spectacular double-heading of Nickel Plate Road 587 and 765 on the old NKP Chicago Division. The train stopped in South Whitley, Indiana, next to the Nickel Plate Road station. The South Whitley station is now gone; it was destroyed in a derailment a few years later. The 587, though I saw it again under steam some years later, is now out for repairs. And the 765 hasn't graced the high iron much since, except for a few test runs in the last couple years.

Well, 2009 is finally it. This July 24th - 26th, 2009, the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society will travel to Owosso, Michigan, with Nickel Plate Berkshire 765 to attend TrainFestival 2009.

TrainFestival 2009 will feature Nickel Plate Berskshire 765 along with Pere Marquette Berkshire 1225 together for the first time in more than 15-years. The TrainFestival 2009 website states that the theme is Trains, Trains, Trains. Steam and diesel locomotives are scheduled to be on hand while live-steam models will also be present and giving rides to patrons. The event is centered around trains and that means anything trains; such as Lego trains, models, and railroadiana and museum pieces. TrainFestival 2009 is sure to be enjoyable. The Steam Railroading Institute is still finalizing the list of equipment that will be in attendance. Additional information can be found on the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society web site as well.

Speaking of FWRHS, this is a culmination of years of effort by the group to get the big berk back into the public eye. This is the FWRHS doing what they said they would do. A big thanks goes out to the membership of FWRHS for their dedication and commitment to railroad preservation. Let's just hope this is only the beginning to many more miles logged on the 765.

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