People have often asked me who and what people in the pictures above are, so I'll explain. Starting top row, left to right
(1.) Laura watching me and Marcus wrestling and wondering what the hell is going on (2.) One night Bob let me write on him and tried to hit himself over the head with a bottle (3.) Keely when we were dragging Christmas trees out my car windows (4.) Christine and her Backstreet Boys pose after we won our District  soccer game (5.) Mike  at Kokomos not wanting me to take his picture (6.) Nathan being an online junkie at my house (7.) Courtney and myself playing World Class Track meet on the Nintendo PowerPad (8.) Joe wondering how he let me get away, ok not really, I think he's figuring out a pool shot one night at my house (9.) Shelia using a cup and my hair as a telephone(10). Val and I playing Jenga in memory of a night with Mason.