I studied with and was certified to teach by Larry Shultz of It’s Yoga in San Francisco. I completed a 200 hour certification, and augmented that instruction with the study of fundamental anatomy in relation to the practice of yoga postures. I completed a video certification of ‘Piyo‘, a blend of Pilates and yoga for gym group exercise settings. I have an adult CPR certification. I studied exercise science and fitness instructor responsibilities to help safely and effectively bring the practice yoga into the gym setting. Through various classes, books, journals, and periodicals I have studied yogic philosophy, history and practice.

I have taught with studios, fitness clubs, at exhibitions, in parks, and in private settings. While at Sea Side Serenity in Moss Beach I taught Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Yoga Basics, the Ashtanga Primary Series, and Pilates/Yoga Mix classes. With the aid of my students at Sea Side Serenity I reworked the ’PiYo’ format to incorporate more traditional core strengthening exercises of the Pilates workout, and yoga postures that stretch and strengthen the body for Pilates. At Downward Dog Yoga in Pacifica I taught 6:30 am Vinyasa classes twice a week. I taught regularly at five Bay Area 24 Hour Fitness locations, and taught as a substitute for other locations. At the 2003 Bay to Breakers Fitness Exhibition I was the featured yoga instructor for 24 Hour Fitness. I taught regular private lessons in yoga and meditation instruction as well as yoga specifically for injury rehabilitation. During the Summer I taught yoga and meditation on Montara State Beach. This past year I taught a class as a fund raiser for the Food Bank. While in British Columbia I taught a beginning level Ashtanga class for It’s Yoga, Vancouver.

The Vinyasa Flow style I teach has been well received in the gyms due to it’s emphasis on strength and endurance. Students come to these classes for fitness reasons and stay because of the increased vitality and concentration enjoyed by yoga practitioners. I took the reworked combination of yoga and Pilates into the health clubs with favorable reviews. Students enjoyed the challenge and muscle development of Pilates exercises combined with complementary stretches, centering and relaxation offered in the practice of yoga. I also look forward to teaching in studios and at retreat centers because it allows me to utilize yogic philosophy instruction, ’life energy’ cultivation exercises and other topics that yoga includes. I tend to keep my fitness club instruction more broad, focusing on strength, endurance and relaxation using postures, basic breathing exercises and stress reduction techniques.

My teaching philosophy and instruction style reflect my playful, yet empathetic personality. I create a comfortable practice environment by using gentle adjustments, varying my verbal cues, offering variations and modifications, demonstrating alignment and technique and making silly comments or jokes to keep the atmosphere lighthearted. Teaching yoga has required me to keep up with my studies and practice. Of ultimate importance, teaching yoga offered me tremendous insight from the splendid variety of people who have come to my classes.

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