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English Test
Read the dialogue:
Diana -  Hello, Mark.
Mark - Hello, Diana. How are you?
Diana -  Fine, thanks.
Mark, this is my cousin Jim.
Jim - Hello, Mark.
Mark - Hello, Jim. Where are you from?
Jim - I'm from Scotland.
Mark - How old are you?
Jim - I'm thirteen.
Mark - Are you a student?
Jim - Yes, I am.
Mark - Have you got any brothers and sisters?
Jim - No, I haven't. But... I've got two cousins.
Mark - What's your address?
Jim - It's 15, Green Street.
Mark - What's your phone number?
Jim - It's 388704.
Mark - Ok ! May I phone you?
Jim - Yes, of course.
Mark - See you later, then.
Diana -  See you.
A - Are these sentences true / false :
1-Diana is Jim's cousin.
2-Jim is Scottish.
3-He is 12 years old.
4-He isn't a student.
5-He hasn't got any brothers.
6-He hasn't got two cousins.
B - Correct the false sentences:
C - Answer abou the text:
1-What nationality is Jim?
2-How old is he?
3-What's his job?
4-Has he got any brothers?
5-How many cousins has he got?
6-What's his address?
7-What's his phone number?
D - Answer about you:
1-What's your surname?
2-What nationality are you?
3-How old are you?
4-What's your job?
5-Have you got any brothers ?
A - Diana is doing her homework. Help her!
Fill in with: my / your / his / her / its / our / their
1-I'm playingguitar.
2-He is inbedroom.
3-You, please, openbooks.
4-She is sitting inchair.
5-They are doinghomework.
6-We are inclassroom.
7-Snoopy is inkennel.
B - Fill in the sentences using: am , is , are / has got , have got.
2-Susana teacher.
4-Rogereleven years old.
5-Shetwo sisters.
6-Theya brother.
8-Peterfive cousins.
9-Itwo uncles.
10-Carol and MartinFrench.
C - Write sentences:
2-hasnthegot childrenany.
3-sistersyougothavehowmany ?
D - Identify the answer:
1-What's your surname? a) It's 15, Brown Street.
2-How old is she? b) I' from France.
3-What's his job? c) Yes, she is.
4-Are they American? d) Yes, they are.
5-Where are you from? e) I've got two.
6-What's his address? f) He is an actor.
7-Is her phone number 34457? g) No, they haven't.
8-Have they got any children? h) Yes, it is.
9-How many sisters have you got? i) She is twelve.
10-Is she a teacher? j) My surname is Smith.