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Frankenstein is in love with Cinderella.
He is phoning her to know where she was yesterday:

Frankenstein - Hello! Cinderella?!
Cinderella - Hello! Yes, speaking!
F. - It’s me Frankenstein.
C. - Hi Frank. How are you?
F. - Fine.
C. - Any trouble, Frank?
F. - Well...No...I called you yesterday but you weren’t at home.
C. - Well...Guess where I was last night!
F. - Hum...Where were you?
C. - I was at Superman’s birthday party.
F. - Really! Was Dracula there too?
C. - No, he wasn’t. He was ill.
F. - What was the matter with him?
C. - He was feverish. What about you Frank? Where were you last night?
F. - I was at home. There was a very good terror film on television. It was really scaring.
C. - I hate terror films. And...the party was great.
F. - Who were you with?
C. - I was...I was with a boy...A new friend.
F. - A new boyfriend.
C. - Well...With a nice prince

 A - Are these statements TRUE or FALSE:

1 - Frankenstein loves Cinderella.

2 - Frankenstein isn’t phoning.

3 - Cinderella was at a party last night.

4 - It was Dracula’s birthday party.

5 - Superman was feverish.

6 - Frankenstein was at home.

7 - There was a very good romantic film on T.V..

 B - ANSWER about the text:

1 - What is Frankenstein doing?

2 - Where was Cinderella last night?

3 - Was Dracula with Cinderella?

4 - What was the matter with Dracula?

5 - Where was Frankenstein last night?

6 - Was there a romantic film on television?

7 - Who was with Cinderella at the party?

8 - And you? Where were you yesterday morning?

9 - Were you at home last night at 11 o’clock p.m.?


 Dracula is the main suspect of a murder (crime).
The police is asking him some questions:

Fill in with : was / wasn’t / were / weren’t.

Policeman - Now...Mr Dracula...Where  you yesterday?

Dracula - Yesterday? I   at home.

P - No, you   .You   at “Vampire’s Pub”.

D - No, I   . I   at home.

P - And..   you alone?

D - No, I   . I   with two friends of mine.

P -    they Frankenstein and Cinderella?

D - No, they   . They   Batman and Maldiva. We  at home

because I  feverish and the weather   not fine.

P - And at 5 0’clock a.m. where  you?    you walking around the city?

D - No, I   . I   sleeping. I’m a good person!

P - Humm...I see...I see!


 Complete with the correct question-tags:

1 - Dracula was at a Pub,      ?

2 - Cinderella wasn’t ill,      ?

3 - She was at a party,      ?

4 - They were friends,      ?

5 - They weren’t fat,      ?

6 - There wasn’t a film on T.V.,     ?

7 - We were at “Vampire’s Pub”, yesterday,   ?

8 - You weren’t in a café, last night,    ?

9 - There was a contest on T.V.,     ?

10 - You were at school yesterday,    ?