Welcome to the home of Trog3D, my current OpenGL project.

Trog3D isn't quite finished yet, and this webpage is very temporary (I plan to create a more impressive one when I have more time), but the game is currently freely downloadable. It started off as a Pacman clone and turned into something slightly different. There is a lot that I still need to do with it, including:

- Fix audio-music, cd-options, etc., (music must play all the time)
- Create theme music
- Create more sound-effects
- Add level progression system
- Add items to be used in the game (flameball, bounce, (including "bad" items like ice (makes everything slippery)))
- Create graphics for items
- Add themes (jungle, desert, snow, hell)
- Make sky seamless
- Add graphical effects (shadows?, reflections, particle effects)
- Add more tiles
- Add credits and help screens
- More levels, hopefully more interesting ones than the current batch
- etc...

I will release the level editor soon, as well. The controls are pretty simple:

- left, right, up, down
- spacebar uses the currently selected type of item
- page up and page down swap between items

Anyway, it's in a playable state at the moment, so download it here (813kb). If you have any comments/suggestions, I'd really like to hear from you (my email address is drathic@hotmail.com). Thanks.

Here's a screenshot, in case you're wondering what it looks like before you download it. I'll put some more up in the near future.

Click on the image to enlarge.


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