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So, how's life treatin ya nowadayz?  Well, whatever it is, jus take the time to pray to God about it.  If it's good, thank him cuz it's becuz of Him that you are here.  I probably don't know the beginning of your problems, but He does.  Even if you haven't prayed before, He won't care, every prayer is a good prayer if you mean it.  It's awesome cuz no matter what crap you did before, he wipes it all away for a nice clean slate if you ask for forgiveness.  My life was changed in so many ways.  I want to share my joy with everyone and want everyone else to feel the joy I feel!  If you have any questions, jus sign the guestbook and I'll get back to you.

                                                  Cya'll later...
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"Will You Be There"   by Skillet
"See The Light"         by True Vibe      
"Show Me Now"      by 38th Parallel

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