******** --TROJAN LIST-- ********
                                   X-HUMANATION'S COLLECTION OF OLD AND NEW TROJANS!
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Here is a list of All my Trojan's I have collected over quite some time. Some are new, some are old, really old.
Some you may not find anywhere else, some you may.

I would like to thank, most of the newer trojans that are located here, came from that site.

I would also like to thank and TROJANMAN for access to his LARGE collection of Trojans/Virii.

Also, shout-outz to the Trojan Time Gang (
(WaCko, XS, Oscar70, DaSwiftguyda, Luc, SAM)

                                 *** -- TROJAN LIST -- ***

1. Acid (Acid Shiver Trojan, comes with Server and Client, fairly old trojan)
2. (Armageddon Notify Add-on from the d00ds at
3. (Asylum 0.1 Upload Trojan, Small Server size, 5KB, comes with Server/Client)
4. (Asylum 0.14 Upload Trojan, Small Server Size, FEARLESS EDITION, Comes with Client)
5. (Asylum 0.14 Upload Trojan, Small Server Size, FEARLESS EDITION, Comes with Server)
6. Back orifice (Back Orifice Trojan, International Version, older type Trojan)
7. Back orifice (Back Orifice Trojan, US/CANADA Version, Older type Trojan)
8. Back (The Original Back Orifice Trojan, Coded by the Cult Of The Dead Cow gang)
9. (Buschtrommel Trojan, Focuses on "Spy" Features, no lamer Functions) ( Back Construction 2.1, This is a Trojan especially for FTP) (Backdoor Trojan, Old Trojan, usual Features) (Barrio 3.05 Trojan, Sends Dial-Up passwords to specified E-mail address, comes with Edit Server) (The Original Bionet Trojan, Coded by Rezmond) (The Recent Bionet Trojan, Coded by Rezmond) (BladeRunner Trojan, Client Only) (BladeRunner Trojan, Server Only) (Brain Spy Trojan, older trojan) (CrazzyNet Trojan, Very old Trojan, Large GUI) (Cyn 2.1 Trojan, Coded by Read101, New trojan, comes with Server/Client/EditServer and extra add-ons) (The original Deep Throat Trojan, Old type Trojan) (Delta Source Trojan, old type trojan, comes with Client/server) (Donal Dick 1.52 Trojan, older type trojan, Client Only) (The Source Command Line Code of Donald Dick Client) (The Compiled Version of the Donald Dick 1.52 Trojan Client) (The Donald Dick 1.52 Server) ( Fade 1.0 Trojan, Coded by Triforce, Nice options, New Trojan) (Fearless Exploiter, coded by Gobo, Embed .exe into Mhtml Documents, great for trojans) (Fearless Downloader Trojan, Coded by the FEARLESS team, New Trojan) (Girlfriend 1.35 Trojan, Older type Trojan) (Hack Attack 1.2 Trojan, older Type Trojan) (Infector 1.7 BONUS Trojan, Collectors Edition Trojan, Older Type Trojan) (Master's Paradise Trojan, older type Trojan) (Millenium Trojan, older type, Version 1.0) (Mo Sucker 2.2 Trojan, Fairly New Trojan, Coded by Krusty) (NetBus 2.0 Pro, Older type trojan) (The Original NetBus Trojan) (The Newest Net-Devil Trojan, Coded by Nilez) (NerTe 7.8 Trojan, Excellent Trojan, over 200 features, new Trojan) (An undetected version of Optix Lite) (TheOptixLite Trojan) (Optix Lite Pro Trojan, The newer version) (Optix Lite Pro 1.1 Trojan, The Newest Variant of the Optix Lite Trojan) (PsychWard Trojan, Older type Trojan, basic features) (R3C Trojan, newer trojan) (School bus 2.0 Trojan, older type trojan) (Sockets De Troje, old type trojan, Non-English) (Sub Seven, The original Sub Seven Trojan, Coded by MobMan) (Sub Seven 2.1 DEFCON, One of the better Version's Of Sub Seven, Fewer Bugs) (Trua Ati Trojan, Non-English) (Vampire 1.2 Trojan, older type trojan) (War Trojan, older type Trojan, basic features)
50.webdl_10 (Triforce's Wed Downloader Trojan 1.0, comes with Client/Edit Server/server) (Wincrash 1.3 Trojan, Older type Trojan, very popular Wincrash Version) (Y3K Trojan, Lots of features, newer type Trojan, from the Y3K network