C++/Java developer

Contact Information:

Mikhail Trokhinin
5603 Alderbrook Ct. #T-3
Rockville, MD 20851
Phone: (301) 881-7156
E-mail: trokhinin@yahoo.com

Other Information

Will Relocate
Salary Req: 6500070000
Work Req: Permanent
Education: BS
US Work Status: Adjustment of Status



To obtain a permanent full-time C++/JAVA Developer position utilizing my strong experience in the Object Oriented Design and Programming with C++/JAVA languages.

Moscow State Academy of Instrument-Making and Information Science: graduated in 1997 from a 5-year program in Design and Technology of Radio-Electronic Systems with a degree equivalent to BS.


Employer: Informax Inc. Bethesda, MD USA

Dates: From: December 13, 1999 to: January 10'th 2002

Department: Research & Development, (R&D)

Position: Systems Analyst (Full time)
Tools: Visual J++, Forte Developer, TestTrack, CVS, T.O.A.D, Oracle
- Development of Front-End and Back-End of the "GenoMax" (bioinformatic software) program. Developed of the Graphic User interface (GUI) of the Genome Project" subproject. Work was conducted with Java Swing for the Front-End GUI and back-end functionality was implemented with C++, XML and SQL languages.

Employer: Institute of Cell Biophysics (Russian Academy of Science)
Department: Neurocybernetics Lab.
Dates: October 12 1995 to December 1 1999:
Position: Programmer

Tools: Forte Developer, SUN OS, CGI, HTML, Apache, Visual C++ 5.0, MFC, MySQL

- Periodical journal database publication on the WEB. Designed Database tables structure, did several front-end GUI software to handle the data and created HTML templates for the data representation.

Tools: Visual C++ 5.0, MFC, ODBC.
- The book registration program for local library

- A program for hardcopy plots digitizing in order to make it convenient for computer analysis.
Tools: Visual J++ v1.1, JDK, HTML
- Interactive Moscow subway map.
- A lot of small programs for Internet (clients, simple servers, applets) in order to study these technologies;
Tools: SQL, MS Access
- Correcting of an existing database program. Improving of the Search capabilities and Database table redesign
Tools: Turbo Assembler 2.x, Turbo C 2.x, Sourcer, PCalc, Pepores, Turbo Debugger for MS-DOS
- Doing programs for data processing inn a real-time environment to interact with an external device (experimental installation) in the real-time mode via an AD/DA converter or RS-232 port.
Tools: Turbo Assembler, Turbo Debugger (MS-DOS 6.x)
- Hardware programming (printer, mouse,, DMA, keyboard, video (VGA), RS-232, timer, interrupt controller etc.);
Tools: Borland C++ 4.5, WinSight 1.31, Turbo Debugger for Windows, OWL (Object Windows Library), SDI (Windows 3.11, Windows 95), Turbo Profiler 4.5.
- Writing Windows applications;
- Consulting of coworkers about process of developing and programming of software;
- Numerous small programs for data processing under MS-DOS and Windows;
- Hardware/software installation and configuration;
- Consulting coworkers on the use of software.

Employer: Institute of Cell Biophysics (Russian Academy of Science). Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russia
Dates: October 22 1990 to October 12 1995:
Department: Neurocybernetics Lab.
Position: Technician (Full time)
Software: PCAD, ACAD, Windows, MS DOS etc.
- Computer systems service (IBM compatible);
- Software installation and configuration;
- Programming with 'C' and Assembler languages.


IBM Compatible Computers, C/C++, OOP/OOD, MS-DOS, Client/Server, Windows environment, UNIX, HTML, SQL, ODBC, JAVA (Visual J++, Swing), HTML form processing, software/hardware interrupt handling, programming AD/DA converter (DT 2821), C++/Java exception handling, tasks of making software interact with an external device (experimental installation).


Functional written and spoken English.


Object Oriented Programming/Design, Client/Server technology, Internet, independent study of new computer technologies. I like a process of software development very much. I like to exchange my experience with other people.