Welcome to The Elemental Realm
The Elemental Realm

:::You walk up to a set of iron gates. Behind the gates you see a Huge Castle, extending 3 floors. On each Corner of the castle, there is a tower, and one tower that is larger than the Rest in the direct center. Each Tower Glows, one Green, one brown, one Blue, and One Gray, with the Tower in the Center, changing from a white, to a Black Glow. The Iron Gates Slowly open, and as you step through, your greeted by a man dressed in a Robe. His Robe is draped over him, only allowing you to see the Blue Glow of his eyes.:::
Welcome to TER, or The Elemental Realm. TER is a Land of Great Uniqueness. In this Land, everything is held together by the Elements. There are Five basic Elements. These Elements are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit. Each Element is controlled by its own demigod, Who Appoints Masters to Control it for them in the Land of Living. These Demigods are Controlled by a Head God, Who picks a Master and Mistress of All to Control all Elements in the Living World, and Control the Masters of Each Individual Element.
In TER, you will be lead by the Master of the Element you naturally are. You Element is Decided by what your Race is. If you ever have any problems in TER, you report to your master, Or the Master and Mistress of all. The Dark Master and Mistress of All Elements are Donovann St.Cloud and Raven Armond.The Light Master and Mistress of All Elements are Strider Draco Madic II and ((TBA))
TER encourages individualism, by this, giving you total Control of yourself to certain extents. You are allowed to use two of your own personal Special abilities in TER. Make sure you specify what they are when you Fill out your application. Also, you decide from the List of Occupations that you are provided with, what you want to do, and you've got it, as long as you meet any requirements set. Now it is time for you to Read the Battle Rules, and Decide everything you need to put on the Application, and i hope to see you again, in one of the Many lands of TER.

Battle Rules
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