Part of the Tamriel Rebuilt Project
Download the Solis Island mod HERE
(Morrowind, Tribunal and the Giants II mod by The Puma Man are also required)
Solis Island lies a short distance off the coast east of Mournhold. The island is home to three fishing villages and a large dungeon stronghold that has been causing the villagers some "difficulties". 

Once loaded and in the game do a "COE 41 -30" in the console. Sorry about getting wet but its the best COE spot to start from to take a good look around. If you have any problems finding the main dungeon here are some

The dungeon area is designed primarily for high level characters, although low to mid level characters should be able to venture some distance into the dungeon before things get a bit tough.
Any feedback is much appreciated - the forum thread to do it at is here
Looking North
Waterfall and track to the east
Waterfall looking north up towards the ruins
The West Village
The South Village South Village from the water
The Greenhouse
Can't we just be friends....
Where everybody knows your name.......(but still tries to kill you)
The girl your mum warned you about......