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Book of Shadows: Every witch should have their book of shadows.  Inside lies the very heart and core of the spirit.  Notes, thoughts and rituals may be included; as well as anything that catches your interest.
Grimore:Just like chefs have receipe books, witches have grimores.  Any spell you've ever used should be recorded, along with results and future recommendations.
BasicsPagans beliefs are about as colorful as a box of crayolas.  Just about everyone is different.  However, there are common threads.  Nothing is wrong, what is right is what feels good to the individual.  This makes life interesting as one sees that anything can be interrupted a little differently.  There are only a few concepts written in stone.
Moon Phases
The Wiccan Rede - "An it harm none, do what ye will."
The Law of Three - three times bad & three times good.  What you send out comes back to you three fold.
Mundane before Magick - always use your physical abilities before referring to magickal means.  In other words, don't waste the spirits time if you can fix a problem by yourself.
To Know, to dare, to keep silent - the vow we all must make.  This led me to misgivings about creating this site, but in this day and age, I believe it to be a useful tool.  To keep silent basically means to share information only when asked.  In contradiction to most religions where beliefs are forced down one's throat, paganism is offered freely and with little to no iron clad law.
Deities:  Paganism has various gods/goddesses.  The entire concept is that they are all the same thing (meaning all religions are equal, it is just the way or form you choose to worship them).  My fave way to look at it is that there is a God and a Goddess.  Pagans like to balance things out.  It's all about male/female, love/hate, life/death;  one must compliment the other.  I call the Mother Goddess Diana and the God the Great Horned One.  No matter what name you call them by, they will still listen if your heart is truly calling.
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ElementsAs there are four directions, there is an element for each corner.  The elements are everlasting and can be drawn on for spells, meditation, knowledge and protection.
Earth - (North)
Ritual:  Meditation, appreciation and spell working all happen during ritual.  By calling the corners or simply relaxing with the energies you will form a close bond with the deities, elements and ancient ones.
Air - (East)
Water - (West)
Fire - (South)
Faerie E-cards
Sabbats:  Another name for holidays, there are 8 sabbats.  Each one represents a phase of the God/Goddess's life.  Ritual should be done on sabbats to bring one closer to deity. 
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Recommended Reads ~
   "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft,"  by Denise Zimmerman and Katherine A. Gleason
   "Sisters of the Dark Moon,"  by Gail Wood
   "The Magick of the Tarot,"  by Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips
    Any read by Scott Cunningham (that make you smile, Stite?)
Theban Script
~Fae of the Week~
My darling tRoLL has a 'tRoLL of the week' page on his website.  I thought it could use a dab of dust and submitted a faerie pic.  I was informed that there were 'No Faeries Allowed!!!'  So I'll give them a link of their own.  If you
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