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All words and music found on this site is written by Morten Gjermundsen. For the latest updates on my site check out news. On my guitarpages you will find lessons,exercises,tips and ideas that hopefully can make you a better guitarplayer.On my midi page you can listen to some of the midi´s i have created.You can read a few songwriting articles with lots tips and ideas.More of everything will come soon.

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Check out this great site by Chris Elmore.I highly recommend the lead guitar site.

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Here´s what you can find on my site.


On my guitarpages you can find alot of guitarstuff that can make you a better guitarplayer.All guitarlessons and exercises includes midi examples so you can hear how it should sound.Some of the guitarlessons found on my site are Pentatonic scales,Exotic scales,Scales and modes,The modes,Chromatic scales, Tapping,Beginner chord lesson,Arpeggios,Warm up exercises,How to play fast,Speed exercises and more.You can also read some tips and ideas about Guitar practicing,How to play faster,How to reach your goals,Speed licks and more.If you can´t find what you´re looking for on my guitarpages check out guitar links or songwriting links.


On my midi page you can listen to some of the midi´s i have created.Some of the songs found here are The seventh song,Song of the moon,Fifth,Journey,Greenpoison,The end,Winter,Cold,Vision of the future and more.check out news or midi of updates.


Here you can find songwriting tips and ideas.Learn how to create your own music and lyric library and more.


Here you can read some of my lyrics.Lyrics found are Beware of the demon and The sign of the new generation.For lyric updates check out news


On You can hear most of my midi´s in mp3 format.You can also hear mp3´s by other artists like Tracy Simants,Perry Roberts,Zaphod,Jim Davison,BJ and AL,Linda McAbee.Check out for links and updates.


On my news page you can find the latest news.Here you can see the date of all updates and uploads.The date is written like this 12:13 14/04-01 where 12:13 stands for the time,14/04 for date and 01 for year.

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Again if you have any questions or comments you can write to me using this adress