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San Jose State University

"Located at the core of Silicon Valley, SJSU is an exceptional place for hands-on learning, professional development and personal growth. Silicon Valley firms are constantly seeking SJSU students for internships, summer work programs and research and development."


University of Advancing Technology

"UAT's unique approach has been recognized for its innovation in video game education. UAT's students learn on state-of-the-art hardware and software, with classroom instructors who have experience in the video game industry. UAT doesn't just teach how to use hardware and software; students are immersed in all levels of video game design, from the initial story boards to the final, polished project. Students can graduate from UAT with portfolios that demonstrate their talents with completed video game modules."

DigiPen Institute of Technology

"Founded in 1988, DigiPen is the first school dedicated to preparing computer animation and programming students for careers in the computer and video game industries. At DigiPen students not only learn the skills for making games and animations, but they also learn how to perform in teams, design complete projects, and produce on a schedule. We offer degree programs in Real-Time Interactive Simulation and 3D Computer Animation, summer workshops for a wide variety of students, and outreach programs to high school and technical centers nationwide."