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  About This Book
"The Resolution of the Mind (commonly called TROM), A Games Manual Copyright by Dennis H. Stephens, is, in hard copy, a spiral bound 76 page typewritten book taking us through Five Levels of Mental Exercises to a point of "No Games Condition" originally typed from notes by Greg Pickering..

It may be freely copied, photocopied, faxed, translated (accurate translations understood to be the responsibility of the translator), or transmitted electronically by anyone, providing that it is done so in full, and not altered in any way, and that no fee is charged for doing so. A printed version of TROM is available from the distributor of TROM for a fee of $US40 including postage: Judith Anderson, P.O. Box 212, Red Hill 4059, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, (e-mail juditha@powerup.com.au)   [updated info] Contact Randy Nicholson at tromzone@yahoo.com for a printed version $US35 in all other areas. The US publication of TROM includes a 1992 cassette tape by Dennis H Stephens which  details his history and relationship with LRH and Scientology Orgs in the 1950's up to 1992. He also talks about the Postulate Failure Cycle Chart regarding an Effect

These six paragraphs also comprise part of the whole and must be printed with the text.

The information and exercises contained in TROM are those of the author, and the distributors do not accept any responsibility regarding the use or incorrect use of such information and exercises, and any adverse consequences to persons applying such exercises.

It should be understood that this is a path.........not necessarily the only path in our search for personal betterment, and this is acknowledged by the distributors. Through it's correct use it can be of considerable benefit.

It is of course each person's responsibility to fully understand the text and apply it to themselves correctly. There is help and support provided on a list on the internet. To subscribe write to majordomo@newciv.org and on the first line of the message area type subscribe trom-l   [updated info]" 

  Special Note by Dennis Stephens
"It is not necessary to believe the theory before the practical exercises will work for you; just hold it as a possibility, that is all. Even the fact that the practical works doesn't make the theory right, for there's a number of possible theories from which the practical could be derived. However, until such time as practical derived from theory is found not to work it is safe to regard the theory as useful. No more can be said of any theory. Also, it's rightness or wrongness depends on how well it explains natural law, not what people think about it.

I know of no applications where this theory falls short of explaining observed phenomena. However, Iíll be the first to applaud any being who can explain all the facts with a simpler theory from which even more workable practical exercises can be derived. (Occam was an old friend of mine.)" 

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Copyright © 1992 Judith K. Anderson & Dennis H Stevens
P.O. Box 212, Red Hill 4059, Brisbane Qld., Australia 
Permission to re-copy free of charge in entirety granted to all.

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"TROM-l is a mailing list concerned with the self-help book The Resolution of Mind, by Dennis Stephens. The routine consists of 5 levels. The first one, not always necessary, requires the assistance of an experienced person, but the other levels one can do on ones own. The purpose of this list is to relay comments, pose questions, and relay advice, amongst people who are engaged in or interested in, TROM.

Judith Anderson is the worldwide distributor of TROM. The address is, P.O. Box 212, Red Hill, Brisbane 4059, Queensland, Australia. E-Mail address; juditha@powerup.com.au. The cost is $A40, or ú20 Sterling and includes postage. Contact Randy Nicholson in all other areas of the world at tromzone@yahoo.com for a printed version of TROM and a 1992 cassette tape of Dennis H Stephens for $US35

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