Our Mailing List

Our Mailing List

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tronickfamily is a mailing list for all of us to exchange information without having to remember everyone's email addresses.

Some of the benefits of our list include:
  • Restricted membership
    I have to accept all pending subscription requests. This is to prevent people we don't know or want on our list.

  • Unmoderated
    This means that every message you send to the list will be automatically sent to everyone--I don't approve or reject anything.

  • All members may post

  • The primary language is set for English

  • Archives for members only
    To access our archives or portions of our egroups area, you'll have to log in. This is prevent the general public from reading our emails or posting.

  • Email attachments are permitted
    You'll be able to send photos through the list. Keep in mind though that you shouldn't send zip files because they aren't viewable to everyone.

  • Extras
    Yahoo Groups! also allows us to set up polls and submit links, files, etc.

Mailing List Guidelines & Suggestions:
  • This is a family-orientated list so keep this in mind when sending anything to the list.

  • If you need to contact one particular person, please email him/her individually instead of posting to this list.

  • Feel free to post recipes, news, information, jokes--just about anything goes!

  • If you change your email address, be sure to go to Yahoo Groups! and change it in their records so you will continue to get all of your mail.

Once you have signed up for the list and have been approved, you'll be able to send messages to everyone on the list by using just one email address:


You also will be able to email the list directly through Yahoogroups by going to


This addy also gives you access to our archives, polls, and more! Just be sure to log in with your Yahoo ID and password. If you don't have an ID, get one by visiting http://groups.yahoo.com/convwiz



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