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Since I have webtv and no scanner, I have to use a camcorder to "scan" my photos. Unfortunately, this causes some glare on the images that you'll see below. If you want me to add some photos to this gallery, please send them to my webtv addy. They have to be in .jpg format and sent individually (one per email). Thanks!

All 4 sisters (Angie, Amber, Melissa, and Me)
All 4 Sisters and Mom
Angie, Melissa, and Me
Grandma Tronick and Angie
Uncle Randy--mowing lawn
Tronick family at table #1
Tronick famly at table #2
Tronick family at table #3
Aunt Sue and Uncle Ron

Grandpa Tronick and Me
Grandpa Tronick
La Crosse Indian

Everyone at restaurant--Mom's side of the family
Angie, Dad, & Me
Dad and Dick at restaurant
Dick, Dad, and others at restaurant toasting
Dad and Dick on couch
Dad smoking--Thanks Dick for this great photo!
Dad and Mandy
Angie and Dad on Ship
Dad and Angie closeup
Rita and Dad
Dad with animals (at work)
Dad posing against fence


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