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Tron Arena
by Mislav

Deathmatch arena inspired by movie TRON.
Tron Data Processing
By Mislav

Tron UT
by SUPER SANDRA (Sandra B.)

I have found this map and included it with a path network now in my upload. tHis map was my first and very cool to play with Translocator (code Disc!) the main weapon! its in the maze of the movie "TRON" where flynn and Tron (and RAM) escape the MCP Troops. The little yellow thing flying around is 'bit'! Some parts of the map are already having red circuits - a proof of the increase of influence of the mcp! there are several terminals and the famous input-output tower and if you are lucky you find your way to the MCP itself !!! I was very proud when I had done it because people said the texturing really is like the Movie! =D

Tron UT2004
by Wehtam

I love the movie Tron, and was inspired to recreate a TRON arena for UT2004. Ive tried to maintain the TRON look and feel by recreating the "grid" appearance. the nature of the level is very random with various floating platforms, translocators are a must with this map. I recreated a Seeker in Maya which you can jump on and ride in the level. The Master Conrol Program also watches from a flickering moniter within the arena. This map is also fully bot enabled, so you can play in Single player mode.

by J. Martin

Tron for Unreal-1. Includes an IO port, MCP, Game Grid, Recognizers, Light Cycles and Male1Tron skin. Special care was taken to make the skybox. Animated digital clouds, rolling blue hills appointed with randomly occurring data bursts. A huge map. Use caution when traveling via the transporters or IO beams. No weapons aside from dispersion pistol and ASMD.

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